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How Youtube Helped My Fitness Career with Carly Rowena
Carly is a fitness blogger, personal trainer and all round Youtube sensation. With over 92k followers on Instagram, she motivates a community of young women to workout and feel confident through her fitness videos.
Hi, I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger on YouTube. I’m the girl next door who creates videos to help you feel your most incredible, confident and healthy without having the spend a fortune, try crazy fad diets or live on rabbit food.
By day I work as a Personal Trainer and during any spare hour I write posts on my blog, get motivational on Instagram or film 30 day challenges, One Song Workouts, How to Guides and talk about topics that get you hot under the collar.

My Fitness Journey

I have always wanted to find my dream career, and after spending 7 years working in marketing I just knew there was something else out there for me. I just didn’t know what it was. A friend suggested I started a YouTube channel in hope it would show me any talents I might posses and voila, 3 months in and my fitness videos were the ones generating the most interest.
I remember opening an email from Women’s Health who were asking me if I would like a fitness column. I screamed! It was a magazine I had been reading since I was a child so you can imagine my excitement! Unfortunately I had no fitness qualifications and that was the push I needed; 6 months later I had passed my PT Course, quit my job and become a Full Time Personal Trainer. It’s been the best decision I have ever made and one I never would have made without my followers. This is why I feel so lucky to have both careers, my two dream jobs!

My philosophy

When it comes to being fit and healthy, my philosophy is greatly connected with confidence and happiness. Although some people may look at a certain body shape, size or functional ability as healthy, that’s not always the case. Some people who have the most incredible figures can actually be the most unhealthy. For me it’s all about being able to move your body, eat a balanced diet that fits in with your lifestyle and feel your most confident and energetic 90% of the time.
“Some people who have the most incredible figures can actually be the most unhealthy.”

On Social Media

At the time I started filming I had also only just started using other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, so my following was small everywhere. I had no experience and there was no cheat sheet, so I acted as I would a PT trying to get more clients: I replied to every message or email, always gave my honest opinion and made sure to be as available as possible.
“I remember opening an email from Women’s Health who were asking me if I would like a fitness column.”

Out of all of the incredible social media platforms, it’s YouTube that I will forever be in debt to. I know that my other channels helped spread awareness but I will always be a YouTuber. After that my second favourite has to be Instagram; I love the way you fall in love with people’s beauty or creativity; you very rarely have to look at a negative image.Carly R 2

My inspiration comes from my clients

I’m lucky that I have real clients who give me motivation and inspiration throughout my day; they’re real people with real struggles, body hangups and barriers. The people that watch my videos and read my blog are most likely going to be going through similar experiences, so I film like I would train a client – it’s all about them.

What makes a successful blogger?

I believe it’s honesty. I’m the girl next door who just wants everyone to feel more positive about themselves. I’m not trying to sell anything, I won’t judge you and I’ll tell you when I’ve messed up. I think it’s all about being relatable, honest and there when people need you.

Be prepared

Not everyone will like you. It’s harsh but true. It wasn’t until my ab video went viral that I started receiving negative comments about my appearance. I knew it was going to happen and even though I prepared myself, it annoyed me that the tiny percent of people who left those comments managed to effect me more than the large percentage of beautiful people who have written the most incredible of things. Prepare for people to be brutally honest and realise that it’s okay, you can’t make everybody like you – and why would you want to?
“It wasn’t until my ab video went viral that I started receiving negative comments about my appearance.”

Breaking into the industry

For anyone trying to break into the fitness industry, my best advice would be to just do it. I wish I had known the direction I was going to head in when I was younger, but I’m so thankful I found it when I did. If you’re passionate about something or feel like you have no passions at all, just get yourself your own little outlet to express. You never know the incredible friends you might meet through it, brands who may reach out to you or experiences you’ll be invited to take on. There is no negative scenario other than people who try to bring you down, and do you know what? they’re the ones that will be trying to latch onto your success years later.
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