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Your top books of 2019

Your top books of 2019

Calling all bookworms! What have been your reading highlights of 2019? Have you been loving fact or fiction? Getting lost in fantasy worlds is a great pass time along with reconnecting with yourself and a good self-help book. So what have been your top books of 2019?

Every year, we see hundreds of you start a reading challenge and one we have thoroughly enjoyed following is Amy Meegan’s. She aimed to read 25 books by the 31st December and here is her total to date: Amy’s top books for 2019. Favourites of ours include This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, Into the Water by Paula Hawkins and a cheeky shoutout to Make an Impact by Fab Giovanetti.


“Sales of self-help books have reached record levels in the past year, as stressed-out Britons turn to celebrities, psychologists and internet gurus for advice on how to cope with uncertain times” reveal The Guardian.

In this light, it is not surprising that our Shelf-Help series has proved very popular. Ceri Jones (from Ceri Jones Chef) has also really enjoyed reading Help Me by Marianne Power. It documents a year in her life trying various self-help techniques and is a funny take on our mad world. Find out more about Help Me!: One Woman’s Quest to Find Out if Self-Help Really Can Change Her Life here.

Marie Moser, owner of the Edinburgh Bookshop agrees that “The new batch of writers are not getting all la-de-da about stuff like mindfulness and mental health – they’re saying this is why it works, this is how you can do it and this is my experience,” she said.

Lost Connections by Johann Hari (of Including Cake), such an eye-opening insight as to why so many of us struggle with feelings of loneliness and disconnection in such a ‘connected’ world. “It’s helped me rethink how I choose to engage with the world around me.”

Loneliness is often linked to feelings of anxiety and Siobhan O’Hara (behind Don’t Frig With My Food) has found a great book to challenging bad thinking habits. Have a read of The Speakmans: conquering anxiety for an inspiring and uplifting read. Fear not, because as we believe, Everything is Figueoutable. The inspiring book by Marie Forleo (more information here) holds a special place for our founder Fab, “Marie is the first mentor I ever had since I joined B-School over 5 years ago. The book is a reminder that even when things feel tough, there is ALWAYS a way out!”

Health and science books

We have seen the interest in sleep and improving our sleeping habits book in 2019 – read more about re-learning to sleep better. Professor Matthew Walker is paving the way for promoting sleep. He has made appearances on podcasts like Deliciously Ella, and his book Why We Sleep has similarly boomed in popularity. “Sleep is fascinating and the podcasts and his book have totally solidified a new respect for how important sleep is for life, our health and wellbeing,” tells Molly (www.mollyjoy.home.blog).

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From sleeep to the medical and healthcare system as Anna T. Kraup (at Anne Smiles) promotes Doing Harm by Maya Dusenberry. The book explains how prevalent sexism is in medicine and healthcare. Anne has a chronic health condition and has had first-hand experienced the complete dismissal of here symptoms by medical professionals. “Doing Harm puts that into a (scary) historical context. It is eye opening and infuriating!”

Women’s healthcare books have been flourishing throughout 2019, breaking down barriers and speaking out against taboos. Among our top books for 2019, we have to mention The Gynae Geek by HBC Summit Speaker and friend Dr Anita Mitra (who has also appared on numerous podcast episodse), The Skincare Bible by Dr Anjali Mahto (read all about it on our magazine article) and Period Power by the amazing Maisie Hill.

Where will your reading take you in 2020?

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