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Dr Adam Gill: “I am on a mission to disrupt the industries we operate in”

Adam Gill is the founder of Wilding, a health and wellness creative agency dedicated to changing unhealthy behaviours through deep insight, behavioural science, and the best creative experience design.

Adam worked in the NHS for 6 years as an innovation and transformation consultant after completing his Ethnography PhD at the University of Liverpool. He set up a boutique ethnographic insight and strategy consultancy and worked with large food and drink brands, FMCG and in advertising. Wilding is the culmination of these experiences, and a reaction to health and wellness being poorly serviced by advertising and marketing.

Having worked in innovation consulting in the NHS for 6 years, I saw first hand the need for more creativity and branding in health and wellness.

We consume brands all day long, and yet our health and wellness have been given to us as if we can’t choose. The future is a democratised, open health system that brands shout loudly about what they are doing in the sector. People are people, not patients.

What is Wilding?

We are a behaviour change agency dedicated to telling stories that improve health and wellness – helping health brands shout loudly about what they do.  Creativity, deep human insight, no more beige/ blue health and wellness, & disrupting how health and wellness shout about themselves.

Our monthly panels and talks are an opportunity for the Wilding community of mavericks, disruptors, and do-ers to come together to cross-pollinate ideas and support each other to disrupt!  We bring specialist speakers from health and wellness, and those not in the sector together to share ideas and approaches. All the events include a free drink or two, and product demonstrations are given by the very best brands.

The first talk is on 19th December 6.30pm-9.00pm and tickets can be bought here.

What’s your competitive advantage?

I am an ethnographer – we are gifted at working people out. I am on a mission to disrupt the industries we operate in.

How did you test your idea?

I had worked on several projects like this before in the NHS, charity and private sector.

Why will you last?

We will last because we are solving a genuine problem. When was the last time you saw a piece of creative marketing or communication related to health that you went wow, and wiped a tear away?

What are you most excited by?

Seeing some of our excellent work on the Tube.

What role has social media played in your success?

To date: everything. By promoting our talks we have met tonnes of ace people to collaborate with.  Get in touch if you want to be part of the rebellion.

Who is your ideal collaboration with?

I would love to collaborate with disruptive challenger brands – those who can see a better way of doing health and wellness.  We would be a great match.

Do you have a mentor or are you one?

I have had various mentors some very memorable like David Hieatt, others less so. I have also been a mentor for a charity called abandofbrothers who support young men on leaving the youth justice system.  

What is the book you would recommend that everyone reads and why?

I am reading Feral by Monbiot – I recommend reading it because it provided some inspiration for our agencies name. The only difference is that we didn’t want to re-wild, we wanted to enliven the wild-ness of humans and communities in the category because we believe it already is wild!

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What is the most worthwhile investment (time, energy, money) that you have made?

The best investment in myself was a 2-week trip to an Ashram in Southern India to learn Sivinanda yoga. It really allowed me to deepen my practice, and to see beyond my noisy mind to a deeper truth and purpose.

What one failure are you glad you experienced?

The best fail for me was pitching for funding and being rejected because we didn’t have a strong enough creative team. That led to me going out to ask Creature of London to partner with us, which they did. I still can’t believe how lucky we are to partner with my favourite creatives in London.

What’s your plan B?

A cottage in Orkney to write my masterpiece and grow vegetables with my Cavapoo puppy (@charliecava_poo)

What piece of industry advice do you often hear that you disagree with and why?

The biggest piece of bullshit industry advice I ever had was that people don’t trust agencies anymore, try not to mention you are one. Wilding is a new model agency dedicated to disrupting how we service brands – transparency and openness doesn’t mean you need to hide talent.

We want to create the best possible health and wellness experiences and to improve people’s lives. Why should we hide about that mission?

Join Wilding monthly panels and talks as an opportunity for the Wilding community of mavericks, disruptors and do-ers to come together to cross-pollinate ideas and support each other to disrupt! The first talk is on 19th December 6.30pm-9.00pm and tickets can be bought here.

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