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Why Angels and Spirit Guides Enrich our Lives

Why Angels and Spirit Guides Enrich our Lives

Claire Stone

Do you think there is more to this life than what first meets the eye? Are we surrounded by spirits, angels and guides? Claire Stone is a writer, international psychic reader and spiritual teacher who was born with the ability to see and hear spirits and angels. As a qualified Holistic Therapist and an initiated Priestess of Mary Magdalene, Sisterhood of the Rose, she hosts workshops and retreats designed to teach participants to live a life fulfilled by the soul.

When we incarnated upon Earth we did not arrive alone. You see, every single one of us was born with a Guardian Angel and whole team of Spirit Guides.

I was born with the ability to see and hear Angels and Spirit. I assumed that everybody could until my religious family taught me otherwise.

Throughout my life, I have received so much support from beyond the veil that I really don’t know how I would have managed to get so far without them. Guides can help you with so many things. My guides have helped me to find missing items, whispered ‘stop’ in my ear before a tyre blew out, ensured that I have been in the right place at the right time and given me
ideas for my work. They are very practical.

Angels can help you to become a better person, to open your heart and develop the  heavenly virtues such as compassion and forgiveness. Angels lend you courage so that you may shine your light and ascend.

If you have been unaware of who your Guides are so far, you may be wondering, why they don’t help you? This is the important thing that you need to understand about Angels and Guides; they are bound to the law of Free Will. As much as they would love to dive in and help you, they are limited in what they can do. They must patiently await your invitation. I have always had a thirst for spiritual knowledge, and so I have asked my guides all kinds of questions over the years. Each day, I say my prayers and I invite them to help me to make the most out of the day, to protect and guide me. I constantly offer up the invitation.

Even if you have no perception of your Angels and Guides you can still call them into work with you.

I always recommend that people get to know one Guide at a time, it would be confusing otherwise.

I also suggest that your Guardian Angel is the perfect Guide to work with first, of course, this is your personal choice but, in my experience, Angels create a great foundation because they are so pure and loving.

You can totally trust the angels, yet discernment is required with the world of spirit, after all, they are but formless humans.

Invite your Guardian Angel in to help you today

Set the intention: I like to light a candle and hold my hands in the prayer posture. Say the following:

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‘Dear Guardian Angel, thank you for all of the times that you have helped me in the past and it has gone unseen. I am ready to get to know you, to become close friends. Thank you for leaving me a confirmation sign in the physical world today that I can clearly understand. Thank you’.

At the end of the day write in your journal any confirmation signs you received. This could be a bus driver wearing an angel broach, a white feather, a repetitive number, an angel quote in your social media timeline or even a sparkle of light in your peripheral vision.

Keep the process going each day and you will be amazed at what you get; an ally, a confidant, a best friend.

Claire Stone is a Hay House author of The Female Archangels, Reclaim Your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine and Founder of Angel Mystery School. She will be speaking at the Hay House online event Your Divine Guardians, How to Work with Angels and Spirit Guides on August 15th 2020 with Kyle Grey, Radleigh Valentine, Diana Cooper and other industry leaders.

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