Top trends for 2020: from wellness to content

Just like every year, as of December approaches, we make sure we spend some time looking at trends coming up for 2020, and what has been bubbling under the surface.

It’s the end of a decade (we are sure you know this by now) and so much has been changing. Some of the trends are coming straight from the yearly Global Wellness Trend Report – others come straight from our trusted experts and members, others are coming from an exclusive sneak peek we had at Classpass’ yearly report.

ClassPass, the world’s leading fitness membership, has released data highlighting regional fitness trends across the United States for 2019 after analysis of 100 million workouts.

This is incredibly interesting since ClassPass has the most robust database of fitness and wellness search behavior anywhere on the globe. The insights are compiled from 30,000 boutique studios, gyms and wellness partners across more than 27 countries. This year alone, ClassPass members booked 1,135,359,395 minutes of workouts, or spent the equivalent of 2,160 years getting active!

Wellness: at home enhanced experiences

From home workouts to home fitness tech, working out is more and more fitting with our 24/7 lifestyle.

Among some of the new gadgets, Mirror Fitness is one of the most hyped. A completely new piece of fitness tech that hangs on your wall just like a regular full-length mirror, except hidden in the glass is your very own fitness suite! You can stream a live workout or choose from a huge variety of pre-recorded workouts from cardio, yoga, strength, pilates, barre and even boxing.

Despite the “home-heavy” approach, fitness is becoming more social.

As per Classpass report, 80% of ClassPass users have coordinated a workout with a friend or colleague this year.

In the US, the most popular classes to take with a friend are Rowing and Boxing. Outside of the United States, friends are also likely to take a Martial Arts class together.

Co-founder of TwelveThree boutique boxing studio Darren Barker expects to see a rise in boxing gadgets that track the velocity and intensity of punches. As he explained to DOSE last month:

“Heart rate monitors and activity trackers are now a given in most group exercises classes in the UK. Wearable technology is going nowhere in 2020. In fact, it will be receiving an upgrade. The products we use will become even more smarter and diverse than ever before. Activated by Bluetooth technology, punch trackers can be worn on your wrist”.

Content: credibility is queen

“One of the biggest shifts I’m seeing in the world of health blogging is the movement from regular frequent “OK-ish” blog posts to focusing on fewer but way more EPIC and credible content. Don’t get me wrong, content is still king, but consistent (low-quality) content is falling off its pedestal pretty quickly.” shares Leesa Klich, MSc, R.H.N. Health Writer – Blogging Expert – Research Nerd.

If you want to keep reaching and being found by your ideal clients online, investing in higher-quality research-based content is a massive shift that’s sure to gain even more ground in 2020.

Her suggestion is to spend whatever your allotted time/money on blogging is and use it to publish longer, more fact-checked, higher-quality content – even if that means you blog half as often. Why? If you’ve heard some people complain about their reach tanking – that is why.

“It’s partly due to changes that have been creeping up on massive platforms like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.” explains Klich “For example, Google’s made some core updates to its algorithm and is emphasising E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness) in areas like health and wellness. Also, platforms like Facebook and Pinterest are cracking down on health misinformation posts. So you don’t want any penalties from these places if your business depends on online marketing!”

Wellness: The rise of conscious tourism

We can travel more, thanks to disposable income and cheap flights – but this is taking its toll. Venice locals can no longer afford to shop or live there and coral in places like Hawaii is being adversely affected by suncream.

Wellness tourism is looking to tackle this by working with the local community in a thoughtful way, partnering on initiatives, offering hyper-locally sourced food and drink and building in a sustainable and integrative way.

Wellness retreats are also looking at shifting this trend from within.

Another interesting trend is linked to celecations. If you are not an idea about what celecations are, you are not alone. According to vacation-rental company VRBO‘s 2020 trend report, the term explains the event of families and friends from different places coming together to celebrate special occasions.

Wellness: Ethical fashion is on the rise

Credits: we are tala

The industry is focusing not only on pieces that are made sustainably, cruelty-free and can biodegrade sustainably and are smart.  Big-name companies have the power to influence and make a drastic change in the life cycle and design of garments to help combat the major issues threatening our planet: namely global warming and plastic pollution.

Who is taking action and are they doing enough?

A few brands are facing the problem head-on and providing sustainable, conscious solutions and need our full support to impact consumerism on a worldwide scale, not to mention Nike who have recently released a manual for designers in their efforts to make fashion circular.

Find out about the best places to get the hottest news about transparent and ethical brands.

Wellness: spirituality and mental health

Spirituality is on the rise – careful, we said spirituality NOT religion.

One again, Classpass backed it up with some rather interesting data.

Meditation was the most popular wellness activity booked on ClassPass in 2019.

New York City was most likely to book a meditation class in 2019 – massages, saunas, cryotherapy, and facials are also popular, with a rise in the reservations of each activity month over month.

See Also

The experience of spirituality is personal and unlimited. It doesn’t serve any other purpose than an inner exploration of an individual. It offers insight — while refraining from giving “one-size-fits-all” happiness prescriptions and cultivating dogmas.

“As a counselor and psychotherapist, I am seeing just as many clients come to me as last year for low mood, anxiousness, and anxiety-related issues such as OCD. I am seeing an increase though as we come close to 2020, in clients who want a therapist with a spiritual approach, who won’t discount their beliefs and will use them to support them on their journey, as a strength.” shares Sophie L. Robinson-Matthews, MSc, BSc (hons), MBACP.

“I take the approach of looking at a client’s whole world in order to best serve them with whatever it is they have sought my help for. It is inevitable that their faith or spiritual beliefs come into that at some point, and so we work with that, no matter their religion or spirituality. Clients contacting me outright to ask for an approach more sympathetic to their spirituality is increasing, which is great as it gives me more to work with to assist them as their therapist.”

Content: SEO is on the rise

SEO is going to be a big deal in 2020. For all of you bloggers and content writers, your content must be optimised if you want it to get anywhere near Page 1 of Google.

“Work with your keywords. You can use one of many free tools to find keywords that match the topic of your content.” points our Angela Ash, from Flow SEO “Make sure that your main keyword is in the title, meta information and the first and last paragraphs of your piece. With supporting keywords, use them in sub-headers, as well as the body of the text.”

There are small things you can do to make sure you start getting better ranking, Ash continues: “check out your images. Be sure that they all have alt text and are under 100 kb in size. Images break up the text and draw attention to certain areas of your site or blog. Plus, the image itself can attract some attention from Google Images.”

Linking back is going to be another secret weapon of bloggers.

It’s time to work on making your website experience as good as possible: “use each blog post as a platform to also promote other related posts. Just stick within the same content silo – if the post is about bananas, link to apples and not chocolate pie. That way, your links will appear as helpful resources, and not just ways to draw the reader to more clicks.

Just watching your site sit still, not moving up on the search engines can be stressful. To reduce that stress, keep up with the SEO on your site, and you’ll start to see growth.

Food and nutrition: Part-time Vegans

This month, Deliveroo reported that vegan orders had increased by 330 percent increase over the past two years.

Largely promoted into mainstream consciousness by charity Veganuary, the plant-based food movement has taken the world by storm this year, with hundreds of thousands of people around the world pledging to live a plant-based life for the whole month of January 2019.

No surprise even the Great British Bake Off is now including a Vegan week. 

Deliveroo data shows that a large group of customers are more frequently opting-in for a part-time vegan diet, with around half of their food consumption being meat and the other half is plant-based. This is why we’ll see more sophisticated meat alternatives, vegan bakeries on the rise and much more.

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