Inspiring our Stomachs and Wardrobes with Wear Juti Eats

Juti Kongaunruan

Despite the current social restrictions and lockdowns, our phones and social media provide us with a daily dose of the outside world. Wear Juti Eats thrives on throwbacks to our favourite food spots, lifestyle shops and photoshoots. But how to adapt to life indoors when you have built your online presence creating content from the top places to visit? And how to protect your mental health and build up a global following?

We chat to Juti from Wear Juti Eats, Instagrammer and creative, inspiring peoples stomachs and wardrobes. Via her social platforms, she shows us where to eat both in London and around the World and what she’s loving in terms of clothes from season to season.

Value for money is major for me so I always like to be clear when I review places whether it’s worth what you would pay or how much you would have to order to be full and the same with fashion, if I feel it’s a piece you can easily get from a charity shop, then I like to make this clear.

What do you call yourself? A blogger/Instagrammer/Creative and why?

I would say I lean more towards Instagrammer and creative. Having my website as my own space is great but I probably don’t write on it as often as I’d like. I really enjoy creating content both for my feed or for brands, I think I’m most attracted to the photography aspect of it all but my primary focus and most of my energy goes into Instagram. However, I’d love to get more into YouTube and video content and that’s what I’m working towards this year.

How do you choose the content that goes into your accounts?

In terms of the restaurant and food content, I lean towards featuring restaurants and food that’s aesthetically pleasing as this tends to resonate best with my audience rather than your “foodporn” shots but I like to think of new ways to show the food to keep it interesting especially in restaurants where the decor may be a bit more neutral but the food is amazing. Over the years you can get a better sense of what your audience prefers or wants to see and balance this out with shots that I enjoy taking. I am also trying to ease in video content on my feed so trying to find ways to do this is my main challenge.

What is the process behind each post you produce for Wear Juti Eats?

It’s a mix really, I get inspired from content I see on Instagram a lot and see how I can maybe use different aspects of that shot my own way maybe in a different location or with a different outfit. Sometimes I will find the right location for the outfit and sometimes it’s the right outfit for the location so I will always have a rough idea of what shot I need before I go and shoot.

My main thing is to keep it interesting and to try and avoid repeating poses close together on my feed.

Following hashtags to keep up to date with the new Instagrammable spots is also super helpful for me as interior shots still perform well when I post them so I like to work a few in each month. I’d say my style is definitely still developing and it hasn’t fully clicked yet but it’s on the right path and I’m enjoying the content I’m producing.

I think the doors that my page has opened for me in terms of my career have been a major verification that I’m doing something right. Within the blog, getting invited to Fashion Week was a great experience and working with Coca-cola was major as I’m an avid Coke drinker and that was my first paid campaign that included a blog feature so that was exciting.

Both my marketing jobs have stemmed from my experience of building up my page so I think that’s obviously amazing.

Can you share a story about the biggest mistake you made when you were first starting?

This one’s easy, it was 100% doing the follow-unfollow method. I speak about it quite openly as something I regret doing now because, at the time, I didn’t actually know I was doing anything wrong. It was only when I met more bloggers and learnt it was bad that I stopped luckily still quite early in my career maybe 2-3k and I just cleared out all the weird accounts because they just weren’t relevant to my content or didn’t inspire the content I wanted to create. I think it definitely had an impact on my engagement for a bit but I’ve been working really hard to produce better content and build it back. It’s been tough though – that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it and because it’s really obvious for people to check if you’re doing it.

Social media receives a lot of negative press – how do you make sure what you share is a force for good?

I totally agree that there’s definitely a negative side of social media in terms of overconsumption especially from a much younger age these days and also the impact of social media trolling. For me I just like to keep it as honest as possible and show my real life where I can; no makeup, messy room, just being stupid and things like that because I’m really not put together most days.

If I’m feeling down, need a day off or struggling with something I will talk openly about it and encourage conversation as it’s always healthier.

I find even a nice comment from a stranger can make you feel better and this is one of the major positives of social media – our interconnectedness and the community. I think more people are understanding that Instagram and platforms like this are just a snapshot of people’s lives, however, I do try and make it as clear as possible that I’m not out every day of the week at these amazing restaurants because the truth is I am probably only out 2-3 days a week and the rest of the time I balance between my three jobs either blog admin at home, working for Connock or working at the restaurant.

Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

Probably my boyfriend if I’m completely honest and also my friend Samantha with whom I actually initially started the page two years ago. I think without that initial support from her and commitment I would’ve struggled to start the page – I’ve always been like that, it’s like going to the gym, I just need to go it with someone initially until I get more familiar with it. In the end, she got a new job and didn’t have the time to continue so I decided to carry on the page solo but we are still really good friends.

My boyfriend is really great at helping me come up with content ideas for Wear Juti Eats, granted most of the ones he suggests I say no to but it definitely helps me keep up to date with what’s out there and what I can try next. Other than that I have been really lucky to meet some great people in the industry who are super supportive and inspire me to create better content every day.

What do you think is the most important thing about working on collaborations with brands?

It has to match your brand and it has to be organic. I think it’s so dangerous to get into the habit of just doing something for money because how can people trust you? The whole point of influencer marketing is that you’re buying into and trusting what that individual is promoting is something they endorse themselves, that’s why it’s so effective so I would never do a collaboration with a brand that I hadn’t tried and tested beforehand.

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Try to build a following on at least two platforms is definitely something I’m learning is important for brand collaborations as well. In terms of collaborations, my dream collaboration would probably be Revolve for fashion and maybe a collaboration on a dim sum menu for food because I am obsessed with dim sum.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start in social media now?

Make sure it’s organic to who you are as a person and be genuine. Appreciate that a lot of work goes into creating content but definitely do it if it’s something you are passionate about. It will open so many doors if its something you are good at plus it’s a great creative outlet and way to meet new people.

Do not give in to the temptation to do follow-unfollow, loop giveaways or paying for engagement. With more money being pumped into influencer marketing, I believe they will invest more into influencer fraud and it’s not worth the risk.

You can read more about the best Instagram tips here.

How are you diversifying your content/online presence in light of the current social restrictions?

I think it important to not ignore what’s going on, address it and be sensitive but also don’t feel like you necessarily have to voice an opinion on it if you aren’t educated in the matter. Shooting from home has been a major adjustment for me on  Wear Juti Eats and I’m turning to produce more useful content such as things you can cook, clothes to wear and ways to shoot at home and diversify my content this way.

Personally I see it as a challenge and I’m really enjoying it plus, it’s keeping me busy and my mind off spending too much time stressing about something I have no control over.

On the other hand, it’s also okay to do nothing two days in a row, everyone’s adjusting and we shouldn’t force ourselves to be super productive because everyone else is.

We don’t know how long this could be going on for so it’s important to just move at our own pace and just make sure we are staying as positive as possible.

Find out more about Wear Juti Eats on her website and stay up to date with her latest posts on Instagram.

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