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We reveal your top podcasts of 2019

Podcasts are bigger than ever right now with nearly 6 million adults in the UK tuning in every week. The number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years – from 3.2m (7% of adults aged 15+) in 2013 to 5.9m (11%) in 2018. But what is everyone listening to?

Before we get into it, have you listened to the HBC Make an Impact podcast? We’ve had some amazing and inspiring guests so far on season 1, from Pippa from Pip & Nut, Joe from One Planet Pizza and Sara from Shiso Delicious. Season 1 wraps up at the end of the year with recording for season 2 already underway… stay tuned. 🎧

Foodie podcasts are always popular

Wendy Rogers is an avid listener of Bjork’s Food Blogger Pro podcast. Run alongside his wife, the brains behind Pinch Of Yum, Bjork has a great way of interviewing and clarifying answers from his guests.

The Off Menu is a podcast by comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Each episode they invite a celebrity guest to join them at the ‘dream restaurant’ where they can order their favourite ever starter, main course, side, dessert and drink. It’s a really funny, easy listen and is great for restaurant recommendations too!

While food may be the springboard for Venetia Falconer’s Talking Tastebuds podcast, her interviews go far deeper than her intro question of “what did you have for breakfast?” From sustainability and zero waste to slow fashion, female healthcare, mental health, breathwork, failure and success and everything in between – Venetia tackles it head-on. Favourite episodes of ours are interviews with Melissa Hemsley, The Happy Pear and Laura Thomas.

Similarly, if you’re looking to take your food interest one-step further, Food for Thought, the podcast by Rhianon Lambert is for you. Along with fellow medic, The Food Medic, both podcasts discuss present and pressing health issues while talking with leading healthcare professionals.

Feel-good business and fitness

Amy Meegan says she is loving Bandwagons at the moment! Run by two Irish girls, their episodes are funny as they chat about the wild and wonderful things that we get obsessed with. For more feel-good listening, Molly Williams enjoys Feel Better, Live More from Dr Rangan Chattergee. It is staple listen as it is full of educational information and you take away so much. 

See Also

For a more business-theme podcast, we are delighted to welcome Just Start Now by Vicky Shilling. Vicky works as a business coach for wellness entrepreneurs and is a long-time friend of the HBC. Her no-nonsense podcast encourages listeners to stop procrastinating and just get started with their wellness business, no matter what stage they’re at. She shares fantastic advice on all elements of setting up a business and does so in a kind and supportive tone. Amy Meegan agrees that it is a great listen to learn all the tips, tricks and confidence required to get a wellness business off the ground and into the public domain! Plus, she has a beautiful voice!

If you’re more into fitness, then the new season of Amy’s Podcast has just started. The Well Far podcast is THE running podcast you need to up your running game. It’s funny, unique and the “snazzy new format includes guided audio stretches” due to popular demand to help you end your run in the best way.

What are you listening to? Let us know on social tagging us @hbloggerscom and here’s to more in 2020. Remeber to stay tuned to the latest episode of HBC Make an Impact Podcast here.

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