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Behind the Content of Vegan at Tiffs

Behind the Content of Vegan at Tiffs

Tiff Williams

Tiff is a 27-year-old vegan foodie and content creator with a love for dining-out and creating recipes. After turning vegan in 2016, Tiff started her Instagram account, Vegan at Tiffs, and what started off as a food diary grew into sharing her vegan lifestyle with a growing audience. It goes without saying, meal times in Tiffs house are not to be missed!

When I’m not cooking up a storm, you can find me eating at new restaurants, cycling alongside canals, or snuggling my gorgeous cat Sebastian.

My Instagram profile @vegan_at_tiffs is an extension of me, it’s where I share plant-based recipes, meal inspo, and product/restaurant reviews (and of course, the odd pic of Seb).

My mission is to inspire everyone from plant-powered babes to the vegan-curious. I want to debunk the myth that vegans eat ‘rabbit food’ and inspire others to try new food combinations and flavours.

I’d also say that BIPOC are underrepresented in mainstream veganism (across media) and I want to showcase that we too exist in this space.

Plant-based diets are generations-old with roots across the globe. I want to empower other BIPOC to explore veganism and learn the many benefits of making the change.

Would you consider yourself more of a blogger or an Instagrammer?

I prefer to call myself an Instagrammer as it is the platform where I publish the majority of my content. I love how visual and accessible the app is, allowing for tonnes of excellent inspo!

There are three main types of content that I create on Vegan at Tiffs and I like to mix it up where possible. They are:

  • Recipes & Meal Inspo – I like to take everyday meals and add my unique twist to create something delicious!
  • Restaurant & Product Reviews – I share my honest thoughts on restaurants and products that are vegan-friendly.
  • Lifestyle – I like to share my values and interests.

Many of the meals that I make at home are focused around fresh veggies. Through Vegan at Tiffs, I like to showcase that you do not need fancy equipment, expensive ingredients and the whole day to create magic. I like to promote a healthy relationship with food and whilst I do post the odd vegan junk food pic, I like to think that I am well balanced, it’s not all smoothie bowls and salads!

What is the process behind each post you produce?

My process has developed over my experience, but embracing the full process below makes for my best content! Here’s an example of the process for a homemade meal to post on Vegan at Tiffs:

  1. I plan my meals for the week and decide which I would like to feature on Instagram, usually 1-3 of my homemade meals will feature per week
  2. Then, I will research recipes and create moodboards
  3. Once I am cooking the meal, I will begin to set up the shooting area and prepare any background, props or lighting that I want to use
  4. Once the food is cooked and the area is styled, I will begin snapping the photo with my trusty Canon DSLR (which I’ve had for over 10 years!)
  5. I then select my top images and resize them in Adobe Photoshop and further edit them in Adobe Lightroom
  6. Once the image is complete, I will then draft the caption and hashtags and finally post!

One of my recipes was recently featured in The Vegan Kind’s lifestyle subscription box. Not only are they a huge brand in the vegan community, but I got to share a Caribbean recipe that I love. This was a huge highlight!

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Can you share a story about the biggest mistake you made when you were first starting?

When I first started on Instagram, I shared a Spag Bowl that I made using a vegetarian mince, which I assumed was vegan. I was, of course, called out and received a few comments alerting me that the mince was not vegan. After this, I made sure to always check ingredients and never assume! But mainly that we all make mistakes when adopting a new diet and that’s completely fine.

My advice would be to give your account a personal touch, show us what you value. Be relatable by just being yourself!

What is the biggest misconception about social media?

I’d say that the biggest misconception, is that being a food blogger is easy. Highlighted in my process earlier, there’s more that goes into it then just snapping a picture and posting it. Often when out reviewing a restaurant, you do get the stares and giggles from others when you pull out your camera or lighting device. But at the end of the day, you’re there to work with the restaurant or to build your following to a place where you can begin working with restaurants so I quickly overcame that initial embarrassment!

Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

Honestly, there have been SO many people who have contributed to where I am now! From my partner offering me the initial support, to the few friends who followed me from the beginning, and also other bloggers who I grew to know through the platform. I am so inspired by so many of my creative friends, many of which I have met in real life through Instagram. I like to think that I can learn something from everyone.

For me, the most important thing is having fun with it, but also, transparency is key! I’m very honest and wouldn’t promote something that I wouldn’t want to purchase myself.

Who is your ideal collaboration with?

Beyoncé! Haha no, it’s hard to say… I’d love to collab with a brand that will allow me to travel to see where their ingredients are grown and how they are sourced etc. That would be incredible!

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