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Unblock Your Manifesting Channels for This New Year

Unblock Your Manifesting Channels for This New Year

Jaclyn Nicole Johnston

It’s supposed to be a new year, new you, right? At least, this is what society expects of us. But, what do you expect of you? Are you where you hoped to be during this time of your life? As we enter the new year, I want to teach you about the importance of unblocking your soul’s manifesting channels.

Enter ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

Now is a great time to unblock your manifesting channels and start the new year off with a clean slate of powerful manifesting energy that’s within you. Here are 3 areas to unblock energy in order to ManiFAST all your desires quickly with ease:

Bye-bye handbag and wallet weigh-downs.

Are you longing for more financial abundance this year? In order to allow for more money into your life, you have to be willing to rid of the money energy that is currently weighing you down. Go to your wallet, your handbag, the area where you stack receipts and/or past financial information and start tossing what you no longer need to keep. The papers that you do need to keep but contain past financial information such as your taxes, organize into boxes and stow them away out of your sight. Clutter is a stress factor that many of us do not realize because it subconsciously affects our stress levels. You don’t have to make a big production with your cash cleanse, but do make room with your physical space in your wallet and home for new financial blessings to have a chance to emerge for you. When I did this, I not only felt better, but I did actually ManiFAST a huge lump sum of money as a gift within 2 weeks of cutting up my credit cards, clearing out old receipts and tax information, and making empty space in my wallet. Now that you have done so, reflect by journaling:

  • Now that I have made empty space in my wallet and my home, I am now available for $X amount of money to emerge into my physical realm. Having this amount allows me to… (finish this sentence with at least 5 things you’d like to do THIS year)
  • Now that I know what I want to do this year, having achieved these things in my life brings up thoughts and feelings of… (finish this sentence at least 10 times of thoughts and feelings you would feel having completed your goals)
  • Are there things I could start doing now to get the ball rolling in SHOWING the Universe what I am manifesting into my physical realm? Example: hire a coach, enrol in an online class, buy a book to read and learn, join a Facebook or Meetup group to learn from others, etc.

Everything is already available to you because it already exists in the Universe. Your job is to believe that it’s possible and then take manifesting action to SHOW the Universe you are serious when it comes to your desires and life’s goals. Taking manifesting action, even in small steps on a daily basis, SHOWS the Universe what you are desiring to experience in your physical space. You want money so you can do x, y, and z. So, show the Universe why this is important for your life’s purpose work. And don’t be afraid of change, it allows for your new financial windfalls to emerge into your life so unblock those financial manifesting channels!

A fresh wake-up call to love

Are you hoping to improve your love life this year? I highly recommend cleaning up your physical space on your bedroom’s nightstands, your bathroom counter, and even in your bedroom’s closet. If you are single, make empty space for your partner’s things to go in these locations.

If you are already in a relationship, tidy up these areas together so that both of you feel equally valued with your things in these spaces.

Clutter is a form of subconscious stress, and you may not even realize that your partner wishes to have more of their things in a certain location, but they just haven’t spoken up about it. And if you’re single, making empty space in these locations allows for your soulmate and best friend to easily and quickly emerge. When I was single for 9 years and did this, I manifested exactly the type of relationship I wanted and exactly who I wanted within 10 months of decluttering my nightstand, bathroom counter, and bedroom closet. Now that you have cleansed these manifesting channels, journal out:

  • Having cleared out these spaces for my love life’s goals, I am now available for… (finish this sentence 10 times with the kind of relationship you are now available to experiencing)
  • Being available for these things allows me to feel… (finish this sentence 10 times journaling out the kind of feeling you desire to feel in your love-life)
  • In order to show the Universe the kind of relationship I’m available for experiencing, I am now going to focus on giving these things to myself, as well, by… (finish this sentence 10 times with things you are going to do for yourself to show the Universe through physical vibration that you are open to experiencing more of the same in love)

Everything in the Universe is a physical energy exchange. The Universe is always responding to you by giving to you what you are making yourself available for with regards to love-relationships. If you long to be with someone who is patient and calm, you have to also treat yourself with more patience and do things in your life that bring you feelings of calmness and tranquillity. By doing so, the Universe has no choice but to reflect this to you because energy is a constant ebb and flow.

Do you know the phrase, “birds of a feather flock together”? You are calling into your physical realm the type of relationship you long to experience by treating yourself the same way. Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing everything you desire in your love life because this is what you have commanded to the Universe. Open up your manifesting channels to love!

Success is only a few steps away

Are you craving for more success in your career this year? Take the new-year and declutter your desk area at work, clean out the car you use for commuting, your work bag, and even your kitchen area such as your pantry and fridge. The reason for this is because a lot of people will eat when feeling stressed out, and if you have older food or maybe food that doesn’t help you to stay on your healthy path, you may be tempted to reach for it during times of stress with work. Clutter may be a part of subconscious stress, but so is eating. Journal out the following:

  • Now that I have cleared room for more success to flow into my physical space, I am feeling…(finish this sentence 10 times)
  • For the year 2020, I am now available for…with my career (finish this sentence 10 times)
  • In order to show the Universe what I’m available for, I’m going to do… (finish this sentence 10 times with new ideas you’re committed to doing this year for your career)

Now that you’re fully in tune with what you are available for within your career, start bringing them to life by SHOWING the Universe what you desire to experience. If you don’t show the Universe what you are available for, how can it operate in its boomerang effect and provide more of the same to you quickly?

Taking manifesting action is one of the most powerful forms of energy vibrations, and as you take action moving towards your success, new opportunities will present themselves to you and more blessings will flow into your life. Be open to changes and seize the day, every day.

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The Universe is most definitely helping you as long as you show you are available for your own success. Don’t be afraid of change because change brings positive growth for you and your career.

Small, daily steps really do add up to BIG results as long as you are available to it through being open to change. These small, everyday things such as the items in our wallets, on our nightstands, in our cars, and in our pantries can be taken for granted and become “hidden” with our eyes’ familiar sight.

It’s good to switch up physical surroundings for novelty and for awareness of how daily habitual behaviours add up to our own perceived reality. By changing and allowing for change, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your manifestations emerge into your physical realm with ease. Read more about the law of attraction here, too.

Manifesting is a fun game, it’s a dance between you and the Universe via your energy. You’re the leader of this dance, you’re meant to be living your life at your soul’s highest level of happiness. I believe in you, go celebrate your newly cleansed manifesting channels and energy.

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