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The future of influencers stands in timely product collaborations

Featured photo credit: @officiallyquigley

The world of influencer marketing and influencer business has changed massively in the last year or so. Sponsored content is no more the sole way influencers are monetising their audiences – but that should not come as a surprise, really. Make way for different kinds of collaborations.

From publishing books to launching podcasts, influencers and content creators are stepping up their revenue game.

One of the latest trends on this subject has been influencer-driven product collaborations, something that has swiped every industry, including health and wellness.

From Carly Rowena’s jewellery line to Hazel Wallace’s Boots range last year, more and more influencers are finding smart and fitting ways to tap into bigger audiences and create branded products.

You may have heard about Grace Beverley’s Shreddy app and Tala activewear brand. As a loyal reader of the HBC, I definitely hope so!

Now, Grace Beverley has gone and announced a collaboration with fellow online influencer Jordyn Woods. Together they’ve created a range of short resistance bands, which is a spin-off from Grace’s first (and hugely popular) fitness brand, Band.

Credits: @jordynwoods

Grace told her 570K YouTube subscribers how excited she is about the collaboration, before revealing that the range will be available to shop first at a pop-up store in LA on Oct. 26, ahead of its release online.

“Kudos to Jordyn,” Grace said. “She’s such a babe, and she wanted to work with me and my company because we are both 22, we’re both young women . . . and we both want to make actually meaningful businesses.”

Nevertheless, she is not the only one looking to harness influencer-driven collaborations. The most notable initiative to date comes from the world of fashion, and involves Amazon “The Drop”.

This is an influencer-lead initiative which will give customers limited-edition, “street style-inspired” collections from global bloggers and social media famous folks.

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Designs from “The Drop” will be available internationally for only 30 hours, which the homepage of “The Drop” promises will mean less waste as things are only made to order.

Influencer Quigley Goode is among the influencers collaborating with Amazon on the initiative, and as she shared in one of her latest Instagram posts:

Credits: @officiallyquigley

“I announced recently that I’ve been working on designing a collection for @amazonthedrop – and my heart just about exploded from the amount of support and excitement I felt from this community. I can’t thank you enough for cheering me on.”

Once again, my Spider senses tell me this is just the very beginning of something incredibly exciting for the industry as a whole, and how the digital world will keep fuelling the industry in 2020.

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