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Embracing Sexuality with HANX Ambassador Olivia

Embracing Sexuality with HANX Ambassador Olivia

Olivia May

We’ve partnered with HANX, a luxury vegan condom brand, to get people talking about sexuality and sexual health. We asked one of the HANX ambassadors, Olivia, to kick-start the conversation.


I am Olivia, a 27-year-old marketing professional, passionate about female empowerment and equality, and exploring new places.

I would say that the older I am and more experience I have, the more I embrace my sexuality. At the end of the day, we are who we are because of our experiences, both positive and not so positive, so I think it’s really important to own your own journey.

With that in mind, I allow intimacy and sensuality to arise naturally – after all, the biggest sexual organ in women is the brain!

How do you incorporate self-love in your own sexuality?

I care for my body, making sure I eat well, exercise (this is important for my sanity too!), party with friends, and take time to rest. All of these things mean that I practice self-love, and subsequently my body feels good for it. I am all about balance.

By carrying and using HANX, I know that I am putting natural products inside me, and I feel good doing so.

Credit: Jade Nina Sarkhel

What do you wish you knew about sexuality that they did not teach you in sex ed?

That it’s fun! And makes you feel good! Everything at school taught us how bad sex was, how it gave you awful infections and that we shouldn’t have it.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about sex in the modern society?

That only men have problems with sexual dysfunction, and that men always want sex, and women rarely enjoy it.

Any big ‘AHA moments’ about sexuality and sex you’d like to share with us?

That if you hold out and have a set of rules about when you should first have sex with a new partner, the relationship will be more serious. Like HANX say, “sex is different for everyone, every time.” The same goes for sexuality!

How can individuals contribute to empowering in the sexual health movement?

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By being open and open-minded about sexual health. Having honest discussions and education about sexual wellness is at the heart of this movement.

What would you tell your 15yo self if you could?

Not to take things too seriously, have fun and be kind.


HANX is launching its first ever ambassador program and are looking for stylish and savvy men and women who care about sexual wellness and taking control. If this sounds like you, you can apply to become a HANX ambassador here

Find out more about HANX.

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