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How we doubled Instagram conversions with Tailwind

How we doubled Instagram conversions with Tailwind

It’s no surprise we are big fans of Tailwind. We have been using the platform for over six years now to help us reach our Pinterest goals. Yet, most recently, we started using Tailwind’s scheduler for Instagram to its full potential. 

Not only Tailwind has helped us increase our reach, but it also sky-rocketed conversions from Instagram, which is genuinely one of the most challenging tasks on the platform. Overall, switching to Tailwind has allowed us to save up to 12 hours per month on our posting strategy and double our conversions from using features like Smart.bio. 

Below are some of the ways we have been able to simplify our social media strategy and convert new leads (and potential customers), thanks to Tailwind.

This is a sponsored article from from our affiliate partners at Tailwind, including compensation. All views are our own and come from our first-hand experience with the platform. If you take action after clicking one of our affiliate links, we’ll be getting some coffee money at no extra cost to you ☕ – which we promise to drink whilst creating more incredible content for you.

Saving time: Tailwind helps you finding niche hashtags for our content

It can be challenging to find the right social media hashtags on Instagram. You do not want to copy-and-paste the same ineffective hashtags – a simple yet excellent hashtag strategy can help you amplify your reach. 

We have been using Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder to find the most relevant hashtags with one click. You want to make sure to use the right hashtags, so your post doesn’t get lost among the thousands of others who are using them. Hashtag Finder uses industry data to pre-select the best hashtags for your post – as well as to highlight trending hashtags so you can stay on top of what’s popular.

You can even save your favourite hashtags and captions to re-use later, saving you even more time!

Doubling conversions: supercharge our Instagram stories

Credits: Tailwind

One of the best decisions we made when developing our social media strategy was to make sure that we scheduled our Instagram stories. 

Stories allow brands to connect with their audiences and let customers into their world. They’re a great way to show off your personality and providing a unique behind-the-scenes touch. With Tailwind, you can schedule Instagram stories beforehand, so you don’t have to remember to keep showing up.

Since we started scheduling stories, we’ve been posting on time and never missed an opportunity to connect with our followers. And not only has that helped us get more Instagram followers, but we’ve also doubled the number of views on our stories. Stories are a vital part of your Instagram strategy, and building consistency will set you apart from the crowd.

Saving time: we never run out of content ideas

Credits: Tailwind

Tailwind helps you schedule posts and has features that allow you to create variety in your content by choosing different categories. Need to come up with something to share? Tailwind has some handy suggestions that will provide you with some fun content ideas that you could use: a lifesaver when you’re unsure what to post and have no creative juices left in the tank.

Tailwind also encourages you to mix up our content by tagging them via different categories. If you’re stuck and need inspiration, this is the feature for you.

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Doubling conversions: The Smart bio turned our Instagram into a mini-website

Credits: Tailwind

You have the best content strategy ever created. You find ways for people to see your content every day; that way, when they’re looking for the type of product or service you provide, they know to head over to your profile and contact you.

That’s where your link in bio comes in. The key is always to have your most important links available through your bio link. We love Tailwind Smart.Bio as it allowed us to optimise the link as a mini-website, including a handy menu with the top links and specific calls to action for posts people engage with in the feed. 

You can check out our Smart Bio here.

Instead of having your followers scroll through your blog to find the post you talked about, they can click on the thumbnail of your latest post and be redirected to it. Easy. I know it works, as our click-through rate has doubled since switching to our Smart bio. Even better, we can now see which links our audience clicks on most regularly, providing invaluable customer feedback.

Instagram is still a great social media platform for getting your content seen. The key to success is consistency. Saving time and increasing conversions are the best ways to optimise your efforts and reclaim time to work on what matters: running a business. 

If you are looking for more typical results from Tailwind, click here. New to Tailwind? Get started today and get $30 on us towards your first two months!

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