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Get The Most Traffic Out Of Every Piece Of Content On Pinterest

Get The Most Traffic Out Of Every Piece Of Content On Pinterest

This post contains affiliate links. If you take action after clicking one of those links, we’ll be getting some coffee money at no extra cost to you ☕ – which we promise to drink whilst creating more incredible content for you.

Pinterest is one of the main drivers of our website, and we use Tailwind to schedule all of our Pins – and have done so for over 5 years. One of our favourite things about Tailwind is that we can plan out a month worth of content in one sitting, and Tailwind will publish our Pins at the best times for our audience – Pinterest is our 2nd traffic driver on Google Analytics!

These are our personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members

We always love to catch up with the amazing Melissa Megginson (community manager at Tailwind) and discuss the best ways to make Pinterest work for yourself. In our latest interview, she outlined how Pinterest is considerably changing its game.

”Even if it’s for an older blog post, the best thing you can do right now to increase your website traffic from Pinterest is to make new pin images. Both the Pinterest algorithm and your followers will reward you.”

Long gone are the times you’d re-use old pin graphics for months and months. The Pinterest algorithm is now rewarding fresh, new content.

“Pinterest is really wanting to get fresh content in front of people, rather than the same bacon recipe from 2010 that we’ve been seeing for 10 years now. they’re really really putting an emphasis on new ideas, brand new content, brand new products. If you are creating and you’re wanting to get that juice from Pinterest, the strategies have changed”.

Her top tip is to create variety and play with the way you create your pins to attract new audiences.

”Once you have that great post, it’s done really well make a new version of that pin.”

What is Tailwind Create?

Instead of slaving away creating one image at the time, Melissa shares with us how the team has worked really hard to bring a whole new solution for busy creatives.

With Tailwind Create, we can now create, schedule, publish, and analyse Pins all in one place! This allows you to streamline your Pinterest workflow for the fastest creation, publishing, and analysis available anywhere.

“You tell us what your brand colours are, what your logo or your website is, give us the text and the photo and we’ll mix it up and give you dozens of pin designs that you can just automatically select and load into Tailwind” she adds. You will never waste another minute downloading, organising, or uploading your Pins.

Adding variety in the style and templates of pins means you’ll tap into different people and attract different users: “You may use brand fonts and colours, or you may want to mix it up a bit to see what works best.”

Credits: Tailwind.com

This week, we have been test-driving Tailwind Create for our own collective members, and here are some of our favourite features:

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  • Every image is unique and made just for you. You can generate, personalise, and fine tune Pins to drive traffic to your new and old content.
  • You can choose from hundreds of variations and personalise your
  • You don’t have to have any design experience to look like a PRO.
  • It automatically applies your brand preferences, but you can always switch it up with different styles and fonts.
  • Everything happens in one place, so you never have to download, upload, or organise your files. It is so fast.

Tailoring your Pins to different audiences

In order to appear in more search results, your content needs to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Whenever you are sharing a new piece of content online, take the time to create variations of that content that can resonate with all of those audiences.

This is one of the biggest changes in Pinterest strategy. We suggest you write down the 3 top outcomes or results people will get by reading your content (or listening, or even watching!).

By doing so, you can create 3 different types of pins with three completely different messages.

Pro tip: outline at least 3 audience personas for each new piece of content you are promoting on Pinterest for maximum exposure.

By combining these core needs and tailored design and copy, the same piece of content will touch three times more people, really skyrocketing your overall Pinterest growth.

Credits: Tailwind.com

How can you try Tailwind Create first and skip the queue?

In one magical click, transform your photos into dozens of personalized Pin design ideas. The only hard part is deciding which one to use! Tailwind Create is now live, so you can join the tool by clicking on this link.

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