For the past four years, we hosted our very own HBC Summit, currently rebranded as Creative Impact Summit, a conference focusing on marketing, content, partnerships and monetising your own talent in the digital world.

150 attendees | 18 speakers

With 18 speakers and 150 creatives, founders and professionals, the evening was one that will be remembered for years to come.


Panels for the summit included “Be true to your brand”, which will help you discover how to create a brand that feels authentic to who you are, “How to create viral content for every media” and “How to launch your next products”, exploring why so many creatives set up to create their own products, creating million-pound brands.

I love these sorts of events as it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and to put real life faces to the people you see and stalk on instagram”

Ayten Blogger

“I genuinely think that a community like Creative Impact and an event like this truly has the power to bring together, educate, and shape the agenda of the players in the industry, so that united, we can make a difference and do good.”

Timea Blogger

``The event went above and beyond what I expected and truly gave so much valuable advice and information. The energy was beautiful throughout the entirety of it, and I enjoyed every second of it. I definitely would love to attend another one``

Stefanie Instagrammer

2020 line up

“Be true to your brand” expert panel with Simone Venner, Sophie Clyde-Smith, Ben Bradbury and Sara da Silva. We discover how to create a brand that feels authentic to who you are.

“How to create viral content for every media” expert panel with Jo Youle, Rob Eades and Bonnie Parsons. Learn how you can use marketing and social media to grow an audience of truly engaged fans!

“Social media and website optimisation” workshop. Join Rachel Chatham and Khaleelah Jones for a hands-on workshop to explore the ways websites and social media have evolved, and what trends you can expect to see consolidating in 2020.

“How to launch your next products” expert panel. In this discussion with Steph Elswood, Anna Samuels, Emily Trenouth and Phoebe Greenacre, we explore why so many creatives set up to create million-pound brands.

“How to sell yourself and your products” workshop with Letty Edwards, Chelsea Coxx, Nicola Rae-Wickham and Vicky Shilling. Learn from experts how to set up your very own sales strategy to create a profitable brand.