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How Stacey Sargison Uses Livestreams to Show up Online

How Stacey Sargison Uses Livestreams to Show up Online

How can you truly and wholeheartedly show up for yourself and your audience?

With a smile in her eyes, a brave new stylish hairstyle, and inspiring fierce energy about her – Stacey Sargison is not your average business coach.  

Stacey draws on anything from mindset techniques she’s used to following her own dreams despite humble beginnings as a daughter of a Naval Officer through to turning multiple set-backs into an opportunity in order to help normal people create profits all through using Facebook Live videos. 

I show up live whenever I feel called to make sure every single piece of content can help somebody. I wanted to help a lot of people who were feeling overwhelmed, struggling, unsure because the whole world turned upside down.

At just 37, Stacey Sargison has got a Bachelor of Arts(BA) Degree in Marketing from University of Leeds, is a Facebook Live star viewed by millions and boasts having a career of working with the likes of Patsy Palmer to Tom Cruise and hosted sell-out events at The Ritz in London. That’s not to mention her very own TedX Talk in 2015. 

“I was realising there was a wave of people that truly wanted to be seen. They were nervous, but they wanted more than ever they felt being called to share their gifts.” She points out that it was not just coaches. Photographers, makeup artists, and other businesses’ whose physical doors were closed needed to find a way to survive. I helped them nurture their audience and then their audience bought from them in different various ways”

And having only recently gone from divorcee on the brink of bankruptcy to living between London and Sydney whilst running a multi-6 figure business helping entrepreneurs thrive in a Pandemic, she knows oh too well how to turn lemons into lemonade.

“I was traveling the world, had clients, and was successful. Then I went through a divorce, separation and lost all my money; so this year when the pandemic struck my whole life turned around” she shared with me during our chat “This is simply because I wanted to show up, and I thought, I’m the business owner, the buck stops with me, I still want to make money even though there’s a pandemic, how can I show up in truth in honesty and support other business owners?”

In the pandemic, as soon as it struck, she did what came natural to her, and went live:

“I talked about who wants to sell successfully, who’s done with thinking it’s all doom and gloom, who’s ready to think a different way. I did a live stream and people were saying I’m in I’m in, I’m in, I’m in.”

Everything she was implementing, through her own methodology around live stream creation, and how to sell and convert, was happening in front of her very eyes: “I was like, right, I can rinse and repeat this process and help as many people as possible do this for themselves, with audiences that they already have.”

Inspired by her trademark strapline “You can achieve anything you put your mind to” Stacey Sargison has recently helped beauticians move their business online through single mothers follow their dreams and get off benefits during lockdown: “this is how the pandemic success happened. I started showing up, asking about who else wanted to serve and not be apologetic about it”. 

The power and confidence within the idea of showing up and being of service is something that has allowed many to survive and thrive against the odds.

“Do it with heart, do it with meaning, do it with soul. As I started to share my vulnerability, people would show up like moths around a flame, bees around honey. People more than ever wanted connection and transparency.”

She made the conscious choice to show up and be present as a way to be of service AND be true to the brand she built. 

“For me, when the pandemic struck, it was about people really taking a stand for their businesses, really being passionate and saying, ‘you know what, regardless of what’s happening in the world people are still spending’.  There are investments that people are making.”

“I chose to rise up through it and be proud of the business owner that I am.” she continues “I wanted to call in more women and men who were proud of what they were putting out into the world and wanting to sell without feeling they shouldn’t because the world’s going crazy. Consciously choosing to think of the positives as much as that sounds like a cliche.”

As we went deeper into the conversation, we explored what prompted so many people to show up live in the midst of a pandemic.

 “Within my soul, I realised I needed to feel aligned, I needed to feel that I was still telling the truth. Do I still believe in this? And I think that’s really important. For me doing this is more than a business. It is a way of life for me.”

A rise in consciousness

She remarks how more than ever, we need to come together to rise up and to shift the consciousness, not just within ourselves, but globally.

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“It’s about beautifully tapping in and connecting with your audience in a way that nobody else is doing right now, because everyone else is in panic mode.”

Is the business you have created really reflecting who you are? Is it really reflecting your values? 

“So many people had their values shaken up, and realised there was a lack of connection with humans whilst we were all in our own little worlds and in our own homes. There was a real need for connection. Beyond money. Beyond that, not there’s nothing wrong with that. But beyond the physical transaction of a business, it was they wanted to connect with their customers”

When exploring how this wave of online connections has changed the way we show up online,  she highlights one specific shift in the way viewers interact with her videos.

Through my events, more people are watching for longer, more people now are listening to me as they’re doing their dinner or in the car, and I’m talking a live stream, you know, not just a podcast, so there’s such power in it. The engagement piece in videos is so important” she continues.

“I have seen longer, deeper, meaningful connections. I mean, serious friendships have been happening online” 

The stunning 6.1ft Visibility Coach encourages people to be themselves in the way Oprah did to create their version of success. Does it mean that she’s always on, ready to be on camera? Not necessarily.

“If you’re being honest with yourself, why you want to go, you want to be present for a reason because otherwise, you could call yourself a sickie” she admits.

“We’re all adults, we can call a sickie. We can postpone something, but we don’t want to – I would find and deep dive a little bit, maybe journal”. Tapping into the reason why we show up and embrace visibility as a way to support others is what can truly help us push beyond our comfort zone: “I want to show up and share my message because at least one person might need to hear what I’m saying.” 

After this chat, I realise there has never been a better time to show up and go live online: “I’ve definitely seen a deeper connection. People are looking for it now – before it was a bit of a surprise, whereas now it’s like people are actively searching for it.” Thank you Stacey Sargison for the inspiration.

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