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Spring Equinox Wellness Practices

Spring Equinox Wellness Practices

Things are warming up and nature is waking up after its long winter slumber. Resident wellbeing expert Hannah Wallace, shares her thoughts on the Spring Equinox and how to harness its energy into our everyday lives.

Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere is just around the corner (on the 20th of March to be exact).

Spring equinox is when the night and day have equal light, and the sun is directly above the hemisphere. The days will continue to get longer until June 21st.

A change is in the air, we are at the halfway point to the Summer solstice.

It all feels more hopeful after the long dark Winter. I love Spring and the fresh energy it brings in, a creative boost ready to shake off winter and watch things come alive again.
Spring often triggers what is known as the spring clean: we mostly see this as a physical declutter in terms of clearing up our houses, opening the windows, cleaning, and organising.
But it’s not only the physical declutter that we can do, we can have wellbeing and mind declutter as well.
More often than not, winter can leave us feeling a bit stagnant and disconnected from a self-love perspective. This is the perfect time to not only declutter our physical space but our mind as well.

There are a few things to do in terms of decluttering your mind

  • Get clear on where you are at and how your feeling about yourself.
  • Highlight negative thoughts and feelings that have been coming up that you’re ready to let go of. Make that list and burn it or rip it and write the feelings you want to welcome in.
  • Do you have a regular self-care practise, or has it fallen off the wagon with winter? If not create one that’s workable for your life and commit to it regularly, this will make a difference to your mind and well-being.
  • Bring in some fresh affirmations, these need to be feeling in alignment for you to be able to wire in.
  • Freshen up your meditation practice: sometimes we need to bring in something new to wake things back up. Like anything, what served you at one point may not now, so declutter this too.
  • Have you been getting outdoors and connecting with nature? If not commit to this a new habit with this. Especially with days getting warmer and lighter it’s the perfect time to do this.
  • If you’ve been feeling sorry for yourself or stuck, bring in new gratitude practices to commit to. Declutter those stuck feelings with appreciation.

These are just a few ideas, but I believe it will serve you greatly to do a spiritual declutter as well as a physical Spring clean.
Picture a clearer mind and physical space – what could be better than that?

To celebrate, put some music on and dance. This is an underrated practice that gets you back in your body, which allows you to get a clearer mind.

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I hope this article brings some fresh energy your way, to welcome spring in and freshen up your wellbeing!

Find out more about Hannah and the Spring Equinox on her website and social media.


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