Tools for your business

A collection of resources for people looking to up their marketing, content and online brand.

Our reports, guides and templates will help you plan your content and growth.


Includes both a visual and themed editorial content calendar. Get the two templates our collective members use to plan their content each and every month.

Includes both a visual and themed editorial content calendar. Streamline your marketing efforts and champion consistency within your strategy.

  • Visual monthly calendar
  • Themed editorial calendar
  • Content idea banks
  • Campaign and event tracker

Content calendar templates


Our pricing guidelines are based on over 100 articles, case studies, white papers and reports issued between 2015-2019.

Guidelines based on our database of over 2,000 creatives (influencers and content creators)

  • Pricing guidelines for Instagram posts and blogposts
  • Our guidance on how to use these rates
  • Our pricing guidelines in British pounds and US Dollars

Extra tips on working with partners and brands

We took the average of what people in the industries of health, fitness, wellbeing, food would charge for one post, adjusted accordingly taking into account industry trends and brand budgets

Pricing guidelines


Our list includes authors, wellness professionals and creatives in 10 categories.

The movers and shakers making a positive impact in the online world

Last year the team released a list of 50 top up and coming creatives who have been already making waves. We’re back this year, and we’re back with 100 more.

We look into the general audience size, as well as engagement levels, relevance to the topic and any previous accolades, including our annual awards.

Top 100 creatives


Canva design templates for your brand and business, including worksheets and workbooks.

Use them for marketing and your online products.

Canva templates


This report provides guidance to marketing leaders based on the last 12 months of data analysed in our marketplace.

The research has been carried out across the following industries: wellness, sustainability, fitness, food.

In this annual report, we decoded top performing influencer strategies across wellness, sustainability and mental health to surface insights that will help you plan for next year, allocate budgets and deliver consistent results.

  • Key trends for 2020
  • Top concerns from creatives and brands
  • Marketing behaviours and relationship building
  • Performance and budget allocations

Marketing report