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Redefining Self-love and Kindness at Christmas

Redefining Self-love and Kindness at Christmas

Hannah Wallace

One of our favourite wellbeing columnists, Hannah Wallace returns for her last piece of 2020 as she explores how to promote self-love at Christmas.

As we enter into the festive season we will be doing so after having the strangest year. 

We’ve had a year of uncertainty, so the importance of entering into the festive season with lots of self-care and kindness has never been more important or vital.

Normally, the festive season can be an interesting one, with some people loving it and other people struggling with the obligation and business that often this season brings. 

I suggest making self-love at Christmas a priority and that you are mindful with yourself, so you can find your own way to make it a joyous occasion with a positive experience. Despite all the joy this season can bring, it can be triggering. This can happen in various ways, for example, food triggers, and being around other people, as we tend to do all the family stuff during this season, or in some cases, it can be the opposite and lonely for some people. 

Identify your triggers

You may well be feeling more sensitive with the year that has just passed as it has been a lot. So figure out your triggers and work out which ones are non-negotiable, this is a good self-care practice. This is often easier said than done, and may not always be possible, especially with family stuff, but do your best to put those boundaries in place as it will really serve you and allow you to have a happier holiday season. 

If food is a trigger make sure you talk to people around you so you have the support in place. 

For some of you, loneliness is the trigger so look at how you can support yourself with this one and find positive ways to ease some of this trigger. 

Feeling safe

When we identify our triggers in life we immediately give ourselves better foundations where we feel safer because we’ve set things up to experience everything in a more positive way. 

Safety is key for us to feel more settled and after the year we’ve just had if there’s one thing for sure, after all the uncertainty, we don’t want to feel unsafe ending the year. Lastly, look at what self-care you can put in place over the season as it tends to be busy despite being a holiday. 

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Get things in place that work for you and commit to them, remember this will look different for everyone, there is no wrong way.  This will serve you greatly in finding the balance, will allow you to enjoy the season and get the best out of it. 

If we’ve learnt anything this year, having things that support us in our lives is key to keeping us in our centre and feeling good. 

Doing the above is the best gift of kindness we can give ourselves, as it means we give ourselves the opportunity to get the best out of the season in a way that works for each of us. 

I hope this is helpful to whoever reads this and I’m wishing you a joyful festive season.

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