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Self-Love and Sexual Rituals with HANX Ambassador Pippa

Self-Love and Sexual Rituals with HANX Ambassador Pippa

Pippa Ellis

We’ve partnered with HANX, a luxury vegan condom brand, to get people talking about sexuality and sexual health. This week we’re back, talking self-love and sexual rituals with Pippa, a HANX ambassador. 

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I’m Pippa, I’m 31 years old and I’ve still not quite figured out what I want to do with my life yet, so am enjoying the ‘right now’. I work full time for a corporate giant and enjoy the simple things, like fitness, catching up with friends and exploring new places.

I’m a beauty junkie with a love of fresh flowers (both of which are swallowing the savings rapidly!). Most of my beauty haul comes from Instagram stalking, so I like to do the same – we need to share the good stuff hey?!

How would you describe your journey when it comes to consciously embracing your sexuality?

To be completely honest it’s not something that historically I’ve given much thought to. That being said, the older I become and the more experiences I’ve had it’s something that has had to (rightly or wrongly) be something to pay more attention to. It’s something that is very personal & different for everyone.

Is there anything you do (rituals, affirmations etc) to support the way you relate with your sexuality?

Unless a monthly wax, manicure & pedicure can be considered a sexual ritual then no!

How do you incorporate self-love in your own sexuality?

Life is all about balance. I work hard, play hard and by doing that I know I give myself a good dose of self-love when I need it.

What do you wish you knew about sexuality that they did not teach you in sex ed?

That it’s not scary, isn’t something that should be frowned upon or spoken only about when something bad happens.

Credit: Jade Nina Sarkhel

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about sex in the modern society?

That for a female to enjoy sex it makes her a slut. It’s boring, archaic and just plain wrong.

Any big ‘AHA moments’ about sexuality and sex you’d like to share with us?

There are no rules, expect to just enjoy yourself, be safe (with HANX!) & be happy

How can individuals contribute to empowering in the sexual health movement?

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People need to try and be more open minded about sexual health, be honest with themselves and feel empowered to make decisions that are right for them. It’s a very personal & individual thing but something that people should feel confident in. If people could share that confidence of self believe that would be amazing.

What would you tell your 15yo self if you could?

Trust your gut, be open to surprises and kindness is king.


HANX is launching its first ever ambassador program and are looking for stylish and savvy men and women who care about sexual wellness and taking control. If this sounds like you, you can apply to become a HANX ambassador here

Find out more about HANX.

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