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Steph Elswood announces launch of new sustainability brand Sasstainable

Last week we talked about how more and more influencers are looking into starting a new brand, as well as developing more timely collaborations with product-based companies.

After 8 months of planning, samples, tweaks, and polishing, influencer Steph Elswood announces the imminent launch of her first product brand, Sasstainable.

In a world where everyday products have short lives but long-lasting impacts, influencer Steph Elswood launched a brand new sustainable brand, called, in line with her own brand, Sassstainable.

Credits: @shopsasstainable

In one of her announcement posts Elswood shares:

The idea is to launch a site to encourage and educate people about sustainability and to invest in environmentally friendly items! My dream is to transform common practical products into more ethical versions that can be reused for a lot longer than their plastic counterparts. As this is such a new venture, I am doing it totally by myself.

The vision with Sasstainable is to help the world embrace sustainable living at home and on the go. This will include non-toxic, chemical-free materials that are reliably sourced.

Each order contributes and donates to the plantation which provides us with Bamboo ensuring that it is grown and farmed in the most sustainable way possible.

The plantation owners make sure that the farmers and workers are paid fairly for their crops, that the bamboo is not over-harvested and is limited to being grown only within existing agricultural grounds. This prevents the cutting down of forests and natural vegetation to replace with Bamboo farms,  that would negatively impact the environment.

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Credits: @shopsasstainable

She continues in her post on the @shopsasstainable page:

I’ll be hand-packing the orders and sending every single one with love. I have such huge ambitions for this project and I hope you stick around to watch! I’ve never done anything like this before, so, for now, I am starting with bamboo cutlery sets and biodegradable toothbrushes. My vision is to expand the catalog to offer a wide variety of products that are designed to be practical, beautiful, sustainable, and most importantly – SASSY!

Pre-sale for the first collection is on the 4th of November, for now, you can sign up to the mailing list here. Are influencers branching out into product development? Read more about this here.

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