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What happens when you accidentally become an influencer with Bella Younger

What happens when you accidentally become an influencer with Bella Younger

  • The highs and lows of social media
  • The dark side of influence
  • Protecting your energies

What happens when you become an influencer without even realising? How do you navigate the spotlight without the overwhelm? in this episode we talk to Bella younger about her own personal story.

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“A million can be screaming at you telling you they love you but if you don’t love yourself, cliché as it is, but it’s not gonna penetrate.”

About the guest

Bella Younger is a comedian, influencer and now author formerly known as her alter ego, Deliciously Stella. She’s been named as one of Glamour magazine’s top 8 female comedians and as one of the Evening Standard’s most influential Londoners – twice. The Deliciously Stella account spawned a spoof cookbook published by Penguin Random House, a podcast with over 100,000 downloads, and a sold out live show at the Edinburgh festival. The character also appeared in a BBC3 sketch. Deliciously Stella has reached international acclaim, seeing Bella appear everywhere from the cover of The Times to being the top trending topic worldwide on Buzzfeed, being viewed over 1 million times and she has recently published a memoir, The Accidental Influencer which exposes the dark underbelly of a life lived on social media, and the hidden sadness behind the follows and the fame.

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