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How to make peace with your devices and hack screen time with Becca Caddy

How to make peace with your devices and hack screen time with Becca Caddy

Creative Impact News Team
  • how to create better boundaries
  • why your phone is not your problem
  • the truth about tech addiction

In this episode, we introduce you to our collective Book Club pick for April, Screen Time and its author Becca Caddy. The book is all about finding a better balance with the tech we use every day, as well as setting better boundaries when it comes to our screens.

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“Letting go of the guilt that you’re on your device too much is a good place to start to improve your relationship with technology…Being aware is accepting that you’re doing it, then the next step is taking action.”

About the guest

Becca is a London-based freelance journalist and author. She has been writing about technology for ten years and has had her work featured in titles including Metro, OneZero, Inverse, The Observer, Wired UK, How it Works, All About Space, MSN, ShinyShiny, Lifehacker, Gadget, Wareable, TechRadar, BitchBuzz and many others. She has written about things like the importance of giving robots eyes, whether we should upload our brains to computers, and how to give all of us non-astronauts the mind-altering experience of seeing our home planet from space.

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