How to build resilience and be honest about your struggle with Kate Rowe-Ham

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In this chat with our member Kate Rowe-Ham we discuss on how to make fitness relatable, make it approachable, gather community and open up a honest conversation about struggle and hurdles when it comes to navigating uncertainty.

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“Sometimes for some people, it isn’t about the academics, it’s about the life skill and it was that moment that I realized that I’m going to be okay and if I worked hard, I will get to where I want to get to.”

About the guest

Kate Rowe-Ham is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer who specialises in helping women reach their fitness potential. She will help you find a love of exercise, giving you tools you need to adopt a sustainable approach to exercise giving, you long-lasting results. Kate is passionate about motivating and inspiring women, in helping you find ways to time to get fit and stay fit. Kate has first hand experience of heading into peri-menopause and how some of the symptoms can leave you feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. Kate is determined to help you reach and achieve your fitness goals, so you stay strong mentally and physically.

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