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Lessons from starting a business on your kitchen table with Shann Nix Jones

Lessons from starting a business on your kitchen table with Shann Nix Jones

Creative Impact Team
  • Make things less about you and more about your audience
  • How to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • How to inspire positive team culture

This week Fab had the pleasure to chat with the Texan superwoman that is Shann Nix Jones. Shann is the founder of Chuckling Goat, a multi million pound empire and business, on a mission to help thousands – yet it all started with a goat named Buddug. Shann’s passion is helping new entrepreneurs to find their purpose and launch their own successful, heart-centred business.

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“When you’re running your own business it needs to be the intersection of what you’re good at, what you love, what you can get paid for, what the world needs right now and what the universe is pushing you.”

About the guest

Shann Nix Jones is the Founder and Director of Chuckling Goat LTD, a family business which achieved explosive million-pound success just four years after its humble beginnings on her farmhouse kitchen table. Shann is an internationally recognised expert on gut health, and the author of three best selling books on the subject. Her latest book How to Start a Business on Your Kitchen Table, achieved number one best seller status even before its publication date in Sept 2020.

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