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3 Ways to Up your Food Photography Game with Kimberly Espinel

3 Ways to Up your Food Photography Game with Kimberly Espinel

Fab Giovanetti
  • Learning to listen to your gut
  • Some useful photography tips
  • Create beautiful & bold content
Kimberley Espinel

To round up 2020, Fab has the pleasure of catching up with award-winning food photographer and blogger Kimberly Espinel. She is known for her warm and generous teaching style, as well as her bold use of colours and love of plant-based foods.

In this final episode of season 3, Fab and Kimberly talk about listening to your gut, food photography tips and finding your own unique style.

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About the guest

Kimberly Espinel is an award-winning food photographer, stylist, blogger and educator, having taught thousands of students from around the world the art of food photography and styling. Kimberly is the host of the Eat, Capture, Share podcast and the creator of the incredibly popular Instagram food photography challenge #eatcaptureshare, which has had more than 100,000 entries – and counting.

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