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How to Set Micro Goals

How to Set Micro Goals

Amy Lanza
  • The idea behind micro-goals
  • how to set micro-goals for yourself
  • the best questions to ask when it comes to micro-goals

In times of uncertainty, it’s really hard to think far ahead. And who could blame us? Goal setting it’s something we are wired to do — thinking about what we want to achieve is how we keep ourselves motivated. Yet, as many of us take every day as it comes, setting goals can feel daunting or even anxiety-inducing. It’s hard to ask yourself where you want to be in the next three months when you don’t even know what your day is going to be like tomorrow. Have you thought about micro goals?

It’s okay for you not to be wanting to set goals for the next six months, It’s okay to slow down and take every day as it comes.

However, we do have a tool that can help you set small little achievements that can support you with feeling happier and more accomplished. Even in uncertain times like these ones micro goals can help.

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