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How to foster better partnerships as a creative with Rob Eades

How to foster better partnerships as a creative with Rob Eades

Creative Impact Team
  • How to adapt your content to current trends
  • The benefits of longer-term collaborations
  • How to choose the right opportunities

In times like these, understanding the importance of honest relationships between brands and creatives is key. This is why we talked to Rob, the face behind Lean Student Chef, about his experience being a creative (and “influencer”) in the space for years. The exclusive guest for the episode is the lovely puppy Loxie, who also has an Instagram account of her own.

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About Rob Eades

Rob is a university graduate who has now gone straight back into study at Drama School in London. He is very passionate about fitness, delicious food, be that healthy or not, and living as well as possible without the huge price tag. He first set up his account when hew as at university, and like so many, he was very limited by his budget. So, he had to come up with novel ways to keep his nutrition levels up in order to fuel his active lifestyle. Such a challenge led him to create The Lean Student Chef.

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