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How to be Positively Wealthy with Emma Mumford

How to be Positively Wealthy with Emma Mumford

Amy Lanza
  • The true meaning of wealth
  • Practical rituals to manifest wealth in your life
  • Understanding the law of attraction

Wealth is not just about money. Obviously financial wealth is something we all want to achieve, yet our guest and best-selling author Emma Mumford reminds us that financial wealth is only half of the equation. Your relationship with money and abundance is something you need to commit to working on constantly, and creating practices to celebrate that is key to success. Emma shares with us some of her favourites in this incredibly practical episode to finish off season two.

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About Emma Mumford:

Emma Mumford is an award-winning life coach and mentor, best-selling author, speaker, Law of Attraction YouTuber, and podcast host of the popular podcast ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’. Emma’s work helps women step into who they truly are and fearlessly turn their dream life into an abundant reality using the Law of Attraction and spirituality.


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