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A collection of resources for people looking to up their marketing, content and online brand.

Our reports, guides and templates will help you plan your content and growth.

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3 Steps to Achieve Financial Wellbeing

From pensions to savings, all the way to profits and recurrent practices, we believe healthy financial habits are like a muscle you want to stretch. Get comfortable with your money mindset and planning 💰

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Power up with Instagram Reels

Find out why Reels should be an integral part of your Instagram strategy. From brand awareness all the way to discoverability, Reels are here to stay. It's time for you to own their power 🎥

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TikTok for Creatives 5-Day Challenge

A five-day challenge to learn the basics on how to navigate and create content on TikTok as a creative, from posting your first video to transitions. By completing this challenge, you’ll be ready to take on TikTok and create viral videos 🌱

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Getting started with sponsored collaborations

Video training on pitching, communicating and sharing value with brands. Learn from expert tips to help you navigate partnerships and sponsorships as a creative. With a plan in place you can sky rocket your growth 📣

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The 5 Emails to Send to Your Email List

Learn about what top creators write in their emails to earn a full-time living online (without annoying their subscribers). The real reason people open emails and how to write the emails that your audience can’t wait to get in their inbox 💌

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3-Step Instagram Strategy Challenge

The right Instagram strategy allows you to examine whether you are meeting your goals or not. It gives you the opportunity to tweak your Instagram profile and content, so you stay on track and create the best goals for you ⚡️

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Guides & templates

Canva Instagram Educational templates

Canva design templates for your brand and business, including 20 Instagram post templates. Use them for marketing and your online products.

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Canva Instagram Podcast Templates

Canva design templates for your brand and business, including 20 Instagram post templates for podcast episodes and promotion.

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Content Calendar templates

Includes three content calendars to help you plan your content based on your needs. Get the templates our collective members use to plan their content each and every month. Streamline your marketing efforts and champion consistency within your strategy.

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Pricing guidelines

We analysed data from over 2,000 creatives, took the average of what people in the industries of health, fitness, wellbeing, food would charge for one post, adjusted accordingly taking into account industry trends and brand budgets.

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