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How To Repurpose Content To Maximise Exposure

How To Repurpose Content To Maximise Exposure

There are still major misconceptions both brands and influencers have about content creation and marketing. These misconceptions often prove fatal for their very own success.

Here there are the top three that still haunt us to this date.

Quantity increases your traffic

Quality over quantity, that’s the old saying, right? This is a new one: consistency over quantity.

Quality in itself is a given, even if I like to remind my influencers there are many ways you can create amazing articles without research backups and case studies – this the usual pattern of “drowning our audience in knowledge” we tend to fall into.  

Quality sometimes stands in a simple, yet effective, content that inspires the reader, or gives them steps to implement something in their lives. The right balance of evidence-backed content and personal, fun and relatable content is the winner.

Keeping a consistent flow of content is the best way to create a constant flow of returning followers and readers. Remember, people will interact with you an average of 7 times before being ready to take action. Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you’re going to marry the guy you met on Tinder last week.

Nurture the relationship with your audience by having your content up every Monday, and you’ll create a relationship of a lifetime.

Collaboration is for pussies

There, I wrote the word pussies. I am sorry peeps, but I needed to make a point. Guest blogging is an effort. Collaborating on content on Instagram is LOADS of effort. Let alone co-producing videos.

It is, indeed, the extra effort you gotta put in for a completely different audience. However, if you never get out there, how can you find new users who will, inevitably, fall in love with you?

If you want to grow your readership, sell more and get more eyes on you, you gotta half your effort by writing not only for yourself but also for others. I recommend having a 2:1 ratio of content for yourself and content for others. Whether you want to become a regular or write a one-off article, this is ultimately up to you.

Blog = writing

Erm, not really. Or at least, not anymore. Some people just cannot get themselves to write. I respect that – I used to find it impossible as a writer, but Fab, not everyone is an endless chatting machine like you, admit it.

At the HBC we now have audio content for our academy, as well as videos on the HBC TV.

I love recording videos, and I find it extremely exciting – especially if I am not in them, AH.

Some people are extremely comfortable in front of a camera, so probably vlogging once a week is your calling. Even talks and Q&As are, effectively, a form of content creation – I still would not solely rely on those. Interviews of any shape or form are content.

Basically, at the end of this paragraph, you have opened the Pandora box, which means this cannot be undone. Create content, inspire people and create relationships. New opportunities and clients are just waiting for you.

As you may know, I love helping people. Let’s be honest, I would not be doing what I do if I did not enjoy it. One of the things that I really love, is facilitating relationships with people. I am good at bringing people together and supporting them with growth and collaborations.

This is what I am looking to talk about today. Collaborations.

To be precise, guest blogging.

Guest blogging and cross-promoting are an incredible way to grow your online influence. Moreover, right now guest blogging is much more than an exchange of articles (which is basically the reason behind my clickbaity title).

There are a few more ways you can collaborate, below there are a few more ways to collaborate with people – as well as a few effortless guest-blogging options:

Joint Lives on Social

Facebook and Instagram live are becoming more and more popular, and are a great way for influencers to team up and create great content together. It’s an effortless way to connect and tap into different audiences. I do recommend Instagram Live for joint goodness and extra TLC from your followers. Just make sure you promote your upcoming live stream.

Podcast guests

Podcasts have been pretty hot for a while now, but as we are endlessly craving for more inspiration and education, being guest on a podcast has now become a way to reach a new audience, and almost test any public speaking skills. Coming from someone who had no training (aside from A LOT of instances, in which she found herself with a microphone and a crowd to entertain), podcasts can also boost your confidence.

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Speaking at events

Another great way to collaborate, as well as establish yourself and your expertise, is to speak at events. However, chances are that a lot of people running events are looking for someone who can also contribute with bringing people to an event, which means it’s much harder for people with smaller influence.

Guest-blogging: a few ideas

Let’s say you are looking to get to the old school guest-blogging. There are a few ways to swap ideas and get started. I personally love series or interviews, as they make it easier for both the guest-bloggers and the bloggers to communicate, as well as set expectations.

There are so many ways you can collaborate, and there is not necessarily a better way to do it. Just get out there, and work with others in order to grow your own influence.

If writing is an art, repurposing content is whole craftsmanship.

For some of us (especially if we write mini-essays), a single piece of content feels like a whole lotta workWe use this smoking hot process to turn one piece of content into thirty (or more) pieces of content.

Repurpose the writing

When we write a post, we tend to have sub-paragraphs (or, in the case of Instagram, points) and I take the main learnings of the article, and each of the points become their own Facebook post (when it comes to WordPress or Facebook it can be easily done with the help of scheduling apps, as I link back to the post itself).

The most important thing is to take a different spin: we may ask a question about the topic, or give a new example. If it’s a recipe, make sure you use different shots and focus on different features of the ingredients. You can easily link back to the original recipe on Instagram by copying the direct URL.

Go off a tangent

If you know me personally, you won’t be surprised to hear I am pretty big on tangents. I do believe that these hidden gems can be used for videos (such as Facebook Live, or even Instagram stories) or blog posts. Even better, use the points covered in your videos to create two more posts on the subject.

Three to the power of two. Add social promotion via Twitter and Facebook for those posts, and you have ten more pieces of content – it’s content galoreIn this instance, you can even pitch them to external websites as guest-posts: as they are tangents, but still topics I am extremely knowledgeable about, the guest post pitches are very effective.

Get visual with your content

In order to make the most of your visuals, you can use IFTTT.com to auto-post onto Twitter and Facebook from your Instagram. Ideally, you should promote your posts at least 4/5 times over a month on Instagram. Remember that your followers are not going to see every single post you create.

IFTTT allows you to reshare Instagram pictures on both Facebook and Twitter.

More scheduling love

As I mentioned before, we use scheduling tools to share articles on Twitter, Facebook Profile and Page (or groups, if this is how you swing), Pinterest and LinkedIn. I like to follow the usual schedule, and share it out on the day the post is published, as well as repeat it one day later, one week later and one month later.

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