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3 Top Tips for Bringing Your PR in-House

3 Top Tips for Bringing Your PR in-House

Jessica Barlow

In this piece, we get comfortable with our resident Creative Impact collective expert Jessica Barlow. We talk about PR and fostering relationships with the media.

I’m Jess. I started two businesses in the middle of a pandemic. The first is, changing how care is being delivered in Hackney and the second is making PR easy for founders, solo-prenuers and startups to do it themselves and get the attention on their business that it deserves. I call it the No Agency Method.

I’ve helped meditation, nutrition and business coaches as well as cool brands you’ll know and love. In a nutshell, I make PR easy to understand. 

The biggest mistake people make with PR

Don’t assume that what you do, or your product is inherently important.  Chances are, outside of your inner circle, no one is going to care about what you do more than you. So, in order to take that outsider view and shine a light on your product or yourself, you’ve got to put yourself in that space.

Put yourself in the shoes of the journalist. Ask yourself, would I care about this story/product I am selling? How do I get a journalist to care about this? Find that sweet spot: gold. 

Feeling confident is everything, it changes how people perceive you. 

In order to feel more confident my number one tip is to remember that you are already the expert in what you do. You already are the expert. So, as the expert lead with your knowledge and your expertise, come at your communication from that place of expertise. The confidence will follow, as you’ll be tapping into your zone of genius.   

When doing your research, don’t go for vanity, go where your audience is. If you’re building a business that reaches students, what media are students loving? Don’t target Forbes, just because you read it!

Forget the fear, and just start!

It’s no good thinking one day, eventually you’ll get some PR for your business. Or that a journalist will magically come and find you, if you don’t put yourself out there and try – you’re not giving yourself the chance to get featured!

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Get your whole team on board

Networking and raising the profile of your team/spokespeople is crucial for PR – the more the merrier. Think about how you can galvanise your whole crew to join your PR mission. Each new person you meet is a potential loyal customer – don’t forget that!

Make it easy for journalists to find you

Sort yourself out a media kit on your website, all the bits they need at easy access. This way, if a journalist wants to feature you, they can do it without waiting for you to send something over email. Speed is key here, make it easy for them.

Your favourite thing about being part of Creative Impact

Community is everything. When you’re trying to build a business it can be extremely lonely, so being surrounded by a smart, warm and welcoming bunch is really encouraging and keeps you going. It’s like having space you can dip into and there are cheerleaders there waiting to tell you – you’ve done an awesome job today.

Find out more about Jessica’s courses, including this upcoming live round in collaboration with the Copy Club

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