📽 5 Steps to Ace FlatLays

If you’ve ever found yourself standing on a cafe chair, iPhone hovered over your brunch while you fend off judgemental stares, you know that to take a great flatlay – you have to commit.

Flatlays are a simple, aesthetic way to display a brand or product.

They’re perfect for capturing beauty products, clothing, travel gear, foodie pics – you name it. Looking for simple steps to make your flatlays shine? Our friends Matt and Tommy from Club Backdrops are coming to the rescue.

Join Fab from Creative Impact and Matt & Tom in this recorded class to discuss 5 key steps to creating the best flatlay photos.

Just one more step 🙌

The team behind Club Backdrops creates professional portable backdrops for food photography, product photography, portraiture, flat lay, fashion, video and social. Crafted especially for professionals, entrepreneurs and content creators.

Don't miss your chance to watch the replay for this Q&A with Matt and Tommy from Club Backdrop and learn how to slay the perfect flatlay 👇

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