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June 2020 Issue: mental health & mindfulness

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June cover feature –  Richie Bostock the Breath Guy

may 2020 issue: confidence

Let’s talk about confidence. The confidence that stems from believing in yourself, but also loving your body, nurturing your soul, and just turning that crazy business idea into reality. 

Cover girl Grace Beverley and her business journey are a great example of overcoming challenges and building the confidence to go after your dreams. Inside you’ll find an exclusive pro section about Instagram and five proven ways to up your strategy including how to set up your IGTV channel, the truth about Instagram Live and so much more.

This issue includes…

  • 💖Practicing Self-Love with the Anti Diet Riot Club
  • 🌟Growing a Meaningful Brand on Instagram
  • 🏆Behind the Brand of Successful Athleisure Brands
  • 🏃🏻‍♀️The We Are Tala Pieces to Get you Going in Lockdown
  • 🙏🏼How to Stay Calm and Connected at This Tough Time
  • 💅🏻The Story of The Beauty of Ezcema with Camille Knowles
  • 🖥Pro-Section: 10 Pages of Instagram Hacks and Strategies for Success
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Bridgette Nutritional coach

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Inside you’ll find an exclusive pro section about optimising your remote working schedule, as well as five unique morning rituals, ways to declutter your home (for one last time) and the truth behind the glorification of busy. 

Learn how you can make better decisions to lead a more authentic life every single day, and meet our cover girl, award-winning chronic illness blogger Natasha Lipman.

February & March Issue

Inside you’ll find a whole self-love section, including an exclusive interview with Tally Rye all about her new book and how to move your body with love.

We uncover the dirty truth of the beauty industry with UpCircle’s Anna Brightman, as well as the tricks to de-clutter your life with Marie Kondo.

This issue includes…

🔥Best tools for your website and led generation
💌The surprising reason why you should write yourself a love letter
💕Simple ways to encourage self-love from our members
🙌Why valuing yourself is key to your ultimate health
🌱Decluttering tips with sensation Marie Kondo
💃How to achieve desk nirvana
🚀Influencer marketing platforms vs marketplaces
💵How to create a media kit

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January issue

Inside the first ever issue of our digital magazine you’ll learn more about Creative Impact, as well as freshly picked tips to grow your brand and amplify your message.

We talk about creative trends, we head to the kitchen with Bettina’s Kitchen and provide you with top Veganuary inspiration.

This issue includes…

🥑Delicious vegan recipes for your special evenings
⏰A beginner’s guide to TikTok
🔥How to market your business like Kayla Itsines
📚Top vegan books for your bookshelf
🌱Top Veganuary tips
💃Creating a great workspace
🚀How to successfully set up a business with a friend
💵Behind the content of successful creatives

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