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How to Grow your Traffic with an Online Headline Generator

How to Grow your Traffic with an Online Headline Generator

Fab Giovanetti

Another week, another chance for Fab (aka myself) to explore and experiment in the magical world of marketing. I decided to have a little fun and explore every writer’s favourite tool and companion: an online headline generator.

I have been devoted to Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer for years now (more on this later in this piece). However, the analyser only examines the content you propose to it. It doesn’t come with great ideas when your brain is stuck and desperately looking for inspiration.

Therefore, I decided to have some fun and get to work by finding the best resources for those days where inspiration doesn’t come easy. You can argue that, with time, you’ll start learning more and more what a great headline looks like, but it’s never an exact science.

Headlines that trigger a connection, emotion, or response are essential for the success of any story.

For these examples, I’m going to use the topic of a piece I’m looking to write. The topic is the best tool that can help writers remain focused when writing from home.

Next, I’m going to turn that idea into a sparkling headline. In this case, I won’t rely on any of my creative genius (humble brag) and let the tools guide me fully.

Impact Blog Title Generator

When it comes to coming up with title ideas, the Impact Blog Title Generator from BlogAbout gamified the whole process.

I won’t lie — I was utterly confused at first. I had no idea how the tool worked. Once you submit your topic, you get recommendations based on a “fill the blanks” process.

From that, you’ll be able to save your favourite picks, and send them to yourself via email, if you’d like.

I would lie if I said it was the best tool for my experiment, as it gives me loads of ideas on a broader topic, but in my case, the subject was quite narrow, so not all the suggestions worked (screenshot below).

Best for: Broader topics. I can see how this tool can help you come up with loads of headlines on a specific subject.

Best Online Title Generator

This tool has a very ominous name as it’s called the Best Online Title Generator. Big shoes to fill, guys. The process itself is relatively simple. You enter your Main Keyword, then press the “Generate Titles” button. You’ll then be in charge of picking the best title (and making sure your headline is grammatically correct). Then, select the title that matches your content.

You can see some of the results above. The keyword you choose has a massive impact in making sure your headline makes sense. This is probably the most underwhelming option.

Best for: Simple topics and keywords, as most of the headlines, may not make real sense if you are too specific with your keyword.

SEMRush Content Idea Generator

This is a fun tool (powered by Isaac Newton, it seems).

It’ll come up with a few off the wall ideas — case in point, “The Most Popular Top Tools For Writers Incase Of A Zombie Apocalypse” — but you can argue it can shake up a stale title and give it a bit of a refresh.

I cannot promise I’d use “You Should Never Write About top Tools For Writers And Here’s why,” but with another topic, I’d be intrigued to click on the headline.

Best for: Opinion pieces, satire, attention-grabbing headlines.

TweakyourBiz Title Generator

The TweakYourBiz Title Generator is by far one of the best tools out there and probably my favourite from this list. You enter your keyword, press “Submit,” and TweakYourBiz generates hundreds of titles.

Not only does it generate great titles, but it also gives you hundreds of ideas categorised by lists. Occasionally, you’ll still need some tweaking, but it’s well worth it.

Best for: Writers looking for a variety of options and more ideas for related pieces.

Let’s say you found a headline that works, what happens next? After you get your headline, it’s time to test it before it sees the glory of the stage light.

I’m going to use the following title as an example: The Ultimate Guide To Top Productivity Tool For Writers.

Analyser tools are the little helpers that come at your rescue when you (A) already had what you think is a genius headline idea on your own (B) created a headline with one of the previous tools I shared.

See Also

They can be as powerful as headline generators, and I usually use these bad boys over generators altogether.

Advanced marketing institute’s emotional headline analyser

Let’s say you are looking for a sensationalist headline that goes viral on social media. Apparently, this emotional headline analyser is your new best friend. To find out if your headline has the emotional impact you need, check out the Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Headline Analyser.

I’m not sure how my headline carries spiritual impact, but I’m guessing the productivity angle could be to blame here. Words with Spiritual impact are best used with people and businesses desiring to appeal to some aspect of spirituality. This does not mean religion specifically, but any product or service that resonates with “spirituality” oriented markets are appropriate. It’s interesting, but it may not give me loads to work on when it comes to implementation.

Best for: Newsworthy articles, or pitches for magazines and opinion pieces.

Coschedule headline analyser

My favourite tool, as I mentioned before, will always be CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser. Type (or paste) your title, and once it’s done analysing, CoSchedule will report back with an overall score out of a 100, and a grade.

As you see, our title example didn’t perform as well as I would have liked. I proceeded to try multiple times to find the title that’d work best for me — and grant me the green light, so to speak.

This took me approximately ten minutes. I went back to my list of ideas from TweakyourBiz and then tried to add both emotional and power words.

Unsurprisingly, the final title came a long way from my original idea, but it’s something that, in total honesty, happens more often than not when thinking about headlines.

To quote David Ogilvy:

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

I wouldn’t solely rely on headline generators. I think there’s a place for help and support, but as you can see, they all have their limitations. Remember, stretching your creative headline muscle can be what sets you apart from anyone else. Good luck!

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