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The Creative Impact Collective

For over six years, we helped personal brands with the mission to make a positive impact grow their businesses through collaboration

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Welcome home

All you need to grow your brand, all in one place. Join fellow creatives on a mission to make a positive impact on other people and the planet with their content, talent and expertise.

Accountability and bespoke support

Every week, we’ll providee you with prompts to keep you accountable, find a buddy, take our challenges and join our monthly Q&A calls.

Networking and opportunities

Access incredible opportunities to increase your exposure, as well as brand campaign alerts to start monetising your content via partnerships

Ongoing training

Access exclusive masterclasses, tutorials and workshops all within the platform. Join small coaching groups and set up a winning strategy for your brand.

Online masterclasses

Each month our collective chooses the theme for our upcoming masterclass. From Instagram to pre-launch strategies, we provide you with the tools to grow your online presence organically.

Expert-lead Q&A

We connect you with experts in the field such as lawyers, web designers and branding experts to help you deelop your brand organically.


“I’ve always been a one-woman business and thought I could do it all on my own – which I have done since I started my businesses and it has gone well, BUT I realised with time, that I didn’t have to do it on my own and being part of a like-minded community is crucial. Since I joined Creative Impact earlier this year (and actually being an active member), I’ve not only done their online courses to improve my business, but shared my blogs, guest blogged, been en expert for their Online Summit and most importantly having had the opportunity to be mentored by Fab. Did I mention she is amazing and very helpful? I absolutely love this community and is essential to my business. Thank you team for all your hard work!”

Kiran Singh
Kiran Singh
Lifestyle coach
Our Partnerships

We work with leaders in the industry to facilitate amazing opportunities online and offline


What our members say

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of creatives that range from wellness professionals to conscious content creators.


Resident experts

Ana Santos

Ana Santos

UX Consultant
Tracy Raftl

Tracy Raftl

Founder of Little Beast Design
Marci Angeles

Marci Angeles

Designer at Dragonfly Ave
Gurpreet Bharya

Gurpreet Bharya


The Collective

Masterclasses and Tutorials

Videos and training to support your brand thrive and grow

Group Coaching

Monthly calls to discuss latest and greatest about your brand

Creative Challenge

Monthly content calendar inspiration and prizes

Media Opportunities

Tap into a network of creatives, events and publications looking to make a positive impact 

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. Once your application is deemed successful, we’ll be sending you the link to join our collective.

Team Avocado $19.00
  • Access to our monthly challenge
  • Weekly avocado hour including tutorials and masterclasses
  • Exclusive guides and worksheets
  • Bespoke online and offline opportunities
  • Optional buddy system
  • Exclusive discounts on courses and events

Welcome to the family

Based on our work with entrepreneurs and business owners, and our my day-to-day experiences running the biggest communities out there, we have supported, guided, supervised, and upgraded a LOT of personal brands through the power of stellar content.

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“I’ve been a part of the collective for what feels partly like a short time and partly like a long time. Short because I think it’s only been three months. Long because so much has changed and evolved since being welcomed into he community so greatly. Creative Impact has given me the chance to attend the summit and learn from other creatives. It’s also given me the opportunity to grow and create events in my local area. I never would’ve thought it possible without this support. Thanks to you Fab you diamond”

Cam Dempster
Cam Dempster
Personal trainer