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Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert launches collaboration with Deliveroo

Deliveroo is launching a new consultancy service for restaurant partners to help them successfully develop their own healthy menus and meals.

Deliveroo will identify suitable cuisines, dishes, and price points, as well as provide nutritionist support with menu design, ingredient sourcing, staff training, branding and marketing investment.

Restaurant partners can have increased confidence these new menus and dishes will result in stronger business growth.

Working with registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, Deliveroo and Barburrito have created ‘The RhiNourish Bowl’ to enhance the existing ‘Twisted Health Kitchen’ menu.

Credits: @rhitrition

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to partner with Deliveroo and Barburrito to create Twisted Health Kitchen, where we’re putting a fresh healthy twist on your everyday favourites” shared Lamberton on her Instagram

“I’m talking hot wraps, salad bowls and burritos, and we called my number one dish THE RHI-NOURISH BOWL! Love it! (sometimes presented in a square box too) Fresh spinach, rainbow slaw and smashed avocado with a tomato and onion salad, flash-fried vegetables, edamame and seeds with a spicy Sriracha dressing. It’s out of this world and it’s available on Deliveroo right now!”

The ‘RhiNourish Bowl’ is packed with delicious ingredients, including fresh spinach, rainbow slaw, avocado and omega seeds.

Morgan Davies, CEO and founder of Barburrito, said:

“We have always been passionate about serving fresh, healthy ingredients to consumers across the UK. Twisted Health Kitchen is an exciting way of delivering food that is delicious and nutritious, straight to your door.”

From menus to restaurants

Deliveroo is also developing a new generation of nutritious, delivery-only brands for its restaurant partners to operate from their kitchens. Deliveroo designs and creates each brand from scratch, developing everything from its name to recipes for menu items, and will provide detailed guidance to restaurants on how to run it.

Deliveroo will own the name and logo of the brand, but partners will operate the brands out of their own kitchens.

The first of these brands is the ‘Dream Burger’ menu. This is a range of healthy, affordable and tasty burgers and sides, such as the plant-based burger “sweet valley vegan burger”. Each dish has been created in an exclusive partnership with registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert.

“For the past two years, I’ve been quietly working away with Deliveroo devising the very healthiest takeaways, creating mouth-wateringly, quick, nutritious menus that don’t cost the earth at some of the UK’s biggest chains” share Lambert once again to her followers.

“They’ve been such huge successes that I’m incredibly proud to share we’re now creating our very own brands throughout 2020. Coming soon is ‘DREAM BURGER’. Yes, you read that right, a Nutritionist devised a range of the tastiest, feel-good burgers (and sides obvs) What’s more, they may all look, sizzle and taste like burgers – they just might not have any beef in them! We’ve created veggie, vegan and chicken options, with everyone at Deliveroo HQ going crazy for them!”

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Deliveroo will be spending £1m promoting healthy eating across the UK and bringing greater choice to UK consumers in 2020.

This major investment will increase the range of healthy options on the platform and will support partner restaurants in developing healthy meals and menus.

Deliveroo witnessed witnessed a sharp increase in demand for healthy food over the past three years, with a 181% rise in healthy orders.

The platform also highlighted a 330% increase in orders of vegan dishes over the past two years with Vegatsu, Wagamama, the most ordered in 2019.

Deliveroo is tapping into a growing consumer trend.

While there are more consumers ordering healthy food online, exclusive polling by Deliveroo shows that 69% of Brits would like to be able to order more healthy options through food delivery apps (18% don’t) and 67% would order more regularly if there was a greater availability of healthy options (21% would not).

The desire for healthy choices on food delivery apps is particularly prevalent amongst young people, with 89% of 18-24-year-olds saying that they would buy food for delivery more regularly if there was a wider selection of healthy meals (4% would not).

This underlines that Deliveroo is responding to growing consumer demand in developing and promoting healthier options throughout 2020.

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