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How to Live a Life More Inspired with Nicola Rae-Wickham

How to Live a Life More Inspired with Nicola Rae-Wickham

Amy Lanza

This year’s Creative Impact Awards 2020 saw some incredible winners, one of them being Nicola Rae-Wickham, award-winning coach and mentor. Following on from her win, we have an exclusive interview with Nicola Rae-Wickham to find out the secrets of living a life more inspired.

“One thing I wish I knew when I started is how much of a non-linear journey this entrepreneurial path would be. I think there’s a perception of if you do this and you can then get a straight line from A to B and it just doesn’t work like that. Also that it is ok to do things my way.”

A Life More Inspired started as a product-based business, I created what I called an ‘Inspiration-in-a-box’ which contained various items from Affirmation Cards, to a candle to reiki infused crystal bracelets and my mission was to bring a little bit of everyday inspiration into our daily lives. It was about bringing these personal development tools that I was starting to discover to people in a product form that they could incorporate seamlessly and easily into their lives.

I then discovered coaching as I was being coached and realised that this is what I would love to do, I then got my coaching qualification and started to combine my nearly 20-year corporate marketing career with the coaching to offer Creative Mentoring. I dropped the boxes but have kept the Affirmation Cards which I still sell.

A journey of self-discovery

My purpose and the way I show up online has evolved so much and it’s really become a discovery of being more of myself alongside an exploration of the reasons why I haven’t been from a personal level but also from a structural and systemic level. So now my purpose is focused on big-hearted creatives (deep thinkers and feelers) and helping them to create powerFULL, purposeful and profitable brands in an authentic and conscious way that makes a wholehearted impact in the world.

The power element of this is really important because there’s a journey for so many to redefine and reclaim what traditional power dynamics have been handed down to us so that we can really start to play in a bigger way and make a bigger change.

Showing-up wholeheartedly as ourselves, especially for those in marginalised communities, is one of the biggest revolutionary acts that we can make and I absolutely embody that in the way that I show up which is then deeply aligned to my purpose. It’s culminated in me being on a mission to make the wellness/spiritual/entrepreneurial/self-help space a place for the many and not the few.

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Misconceptions on living an inspired life

One of the biggest misconceptions people are still having when it comes to living a life on their own terms is to acknowledge the nuance and the complexity in that. When we say on our own terms that require some level of interrogation. The personal development industry perpetuates traditional power dynamics by putting a big emphasis on the individual. Yes, personal responsibility is important but we exist within a collective that is the product of and subject to systems and structures of oppression and that has a big impact on our ability to live life on our own terms.

Ignoring that nuance and the impact it has caused people to pursue this journey in a very isolating way and to blame themselves. Although we are not responsible for the systems and structures, we do need to take ownership of how we navigate and ultimately seek to dismantle and change them. And so even being able to shine a light on this can help so many in that journey to live a life on their terms.

3 things people can do to make a bigger impact

  • Embracing ‘meaningful visibility’ so it’s not trying to get visible for visible sake, it’s leading with your values, purpose and using that to create an intention-fuelled way of showing-up.
  • You can make a big impact online by having an audience of one, which means focusing on talking to one person through all of your messages for them. Remember that notion of ‘talk to everyone and you talk to no-one’.
  •  Changing your mindset to be one of how can I give rather than what can get, so sharing and serving generously. It doesn’t mean you give everything away for free but you are instead taking a generous point of view. And this happens on an energetic level as much as a practical. Its the way you feel about what you are doing.

Find out more about Nicola Rae-Wickham on her social media and find all the CIAwards winners here.

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