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How to Better Set New Year Intentions

How to Better Set New Year Intentions

Hannah Wallace

As we enter into 2021 with uncertainty and still much unknown, our columnist Hannah reflects on how to set better intentions for the year ahead.

With the year just passed, many people reached the end of 2020 feeling like their goals and intentions that they had set hadn’t been achieved or they certainly turned out differently than they expected.

Don’t get me wrong, some people thrived of course. However, because of how unexpected last year was, it changed so much for people, and in some cases, a goal being achieved ended up being further down the list.

As we enter into 2021 with uncertainty and still much unknown, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set goals or intentions.

We just have to look at doing it differently; being more soulful and mindful, and creating the foundations underneath these intentions being laced with resilience.

Good foundations are the key to success with anything because it means when something doesn’t always go to plan we are able to adapt and still be ok. The last year highlighted the importance of this.

I want to highlight too if you have big things you want to achieve, it’s more than possible too; we should never dull our ambitions. However, making sure fluidity and adaptation is at the core of this will aid future success.

Get mindful of your goals and intentions

Lay the foundations

Firstly, laying the foundations begins with the intention of how you can look after yourself in the year ahead. I believe this is the key to success, make it sustainable and doable for you, this will look different for everyone. This will also keep your mental wellness on top, which means the foundations can be strong when you may need to adapt or something doesn’t go to plan. Get clear on this.

Make it clear

Get clear on what you really want, not what you think you should be doing, that’s one thing this last year taught us. There’s no room for things that aren’t in alignment for us because when it gets tough it’s more likely to fall apart when things aren’t in alignment. So ask what’s in alignment with your soul and what feels truly good?

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Make an intentional soulful plan

Make an intentional soulful plan for potential pitfalls, now I’m not telling you to look for trouble here. I’m all for taking leaps sometimes when we don’t always know where it’s heading. However, having good foundations and things in place means your goals and intentions have a good place to grow and come alive and be able to adapt.
Get a support accountability buddy, one who’s in soulful alignment with you. This will greatly aid you in your process of achieving the things you want to do. One who also is able to call you out if they see you burning out. Again, this year taught us having good support is invaluable.

Remember to get soulful, choose alignment, and feel good.

This sets the scene so you know what’s most important.

Choose this above all and this will serve you greatly – it will aid with greater success in achieving what you want no matter how small.

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