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How To Be Sustainable Without Compromising On Quality

How To Be Sustainable Without Compromising On Quality

We know that increased sustainability is key for the future of Planet Earth – scaling up recycling processes, choosing to support the least harmful companies – but what does this mean for us? We explore what brands, like Nereus London, are doing to make their products as sustainable as possible without compromising on quality or luxury.

Well, becoming eco-friendly and more conscious about our impact on the planet certainly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your favourite products.

Buying more sustainably often means better quality ingredients,  not only for you and your body, but the planet too.

When shopping, we consumers are liable to favour cost and convenience over quality when making a purchase. Although some favour sustainability of the item, we need to make this aspect an equally important decision factor.

A new approach to consumerism

We can adapt the approach taken to our lifestyle and make small changes that promote sustainability, without settling for less on quality. Try taking a local approach if you haven’t already; visit local markets if you’re able to get there on foot. You save fuel from not driving to a supermarket, reducing plastic usage when taking your own bags and all the while supporting local industries, people and locally-sourced food. You’re much more likely to get better value for money and more organic produce.

In a world that feels overrun with fast fashion labels and thousands of new garment styles churned out every day, it’s tough to find affordable and sustainable, yet good quality and stylish clothing. Look for organically sourced materials in clothes from companies that are transparent about how they manufacture. Better yet, switch high street chains for charity shops and Depop – some items will have hardly been worn, or sometimes can even be designer labels.

Investing in key pieces means less frequent buying. Focus on buying fewer but higher quality clothes that will last a long time and be wardrobe staples to be sustainable, more conscious and without compromising on material quality.

Nereus London’s promise

We can also look at the formulation of products, the way they are made. The key words to look out for on items are: cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, and palm oil free. This guarantees no animals have been harmed at any stage, no animal-derived products are used as ingredients, no artificial ingredients and no use of destructively-farmed palm oil.  One hair and body care brand that guarantees all of the above is Nereus London.

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Nereus London has a luxury beauty care range that has been carefully designed to deliver a superior natural product experience with sustainability at heart. Nereus manufactures all their products in Britain, using high performing ingredients and 100% natural fragrances from ethical sources. Nereus products are always vegan, never tested on animals, and free from parabens, sulphates, and gluten.

In addition, their products come beautifully packaged in fully recyclable, non-plastic, and biodegradable materials.Unlike other corporations that claim their packing can be recycled, Nereus bottles are infinitely recyclable. The brand has combined luxury with responsibility, so you can leave compromise at the door, factoring sustainability into every stage of their manufacturing process.

So by looking out for the right ingredients, altering our approach to shopping and making meaningful purchases, we can all aid and prolong the health of the planet without having to forgo quality.


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