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How to Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

How to Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

Hannah Wallace

Right now we are in intense times where our emotions are all over the place and we feel off-kilter and things have become imbalanced, and masculine and feminine energy may be off-whack. 

Imbalance in the long term leads to burn out and life becomes unsustainable. When coming from an imbalanced place we tend to want quick fixes and we get stuck on a hamster wheel so we end up never feeling satisfied. In truth sustainability and balance is everything, it leads to long term productivity whilst feeling good and balanced at the same time. 

What can we do to bring back some balance and sustainability in our lives?

The key is to balance the masculine and feminine energy. When we do this we can ride out the storms and difficult times a bit better because we have a deeper understanding of our own inner energies

As society stands, the approach to success and getting stuff accomplished is done in a masculine way and it has always been, but we haven’t really questioned this. We equate this with success at the expense of how it may make us feel or do to us the long term. 

Now, don’t get me wrong the masculine energy of ‘get shit done’ is important and needed. But, without the feminine energy being involved here, in a balanced way, life becomes unsustainable. Very often and we even lose touch with our emotional regulation and end up pushing things down. Which, as you can imagine, in the long term is not good for anyone, and things often end up becoming messy for us.

The feminine energy can still have a “get things done” vibe but it works in a more non-linear way, with the idea of flow rather than push.  It’s about listening and pausing sometimes rather than just pushing through, which we are often programmed to do. 

We have to remember nature has seasons and cyclic, and so are we. Less rigidity and more fluidity so to speak. 

So where do we begin? Firstly you need to identify your patterns.

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  • Do you tend to have a masculine approach to what you are doing and see it as the only way to succeed?
  • Are you feeling tired and often crash and burn in the way you work? 
  • Do you push through what you are feeling rather than honouring it? 

If you are answering yes to these, you are probably operating from a more unbalanced masculine approach.  The key here is to begin to make small changes that are sustainable and that comes from a more feminine approach. It’s not about getting it right or being perfect. It’s about approaching this in a softer, more fluid way.

You will start to listen to how you feel and what’s going on with you

When you fine-tune this you will figure out your best times to work, when you need to rest and when you are able to push through. This may take a bit of time and perseverance but is definitely worth it… it will enable you to live a more sustainable life. 

Remember this. When we are trying to make our outside habits more sustainable, like with the environment for instance. We have to remember our inner world is as much a mirror of our outer world. So fine-tuning that is as important too and it brings about true long term change and sustainability. 

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