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Creative Impact


We empower you to take influencer marketing into your own hands

Creating content can take up time. Instead, we connect brands with industry creatives who can provide engaging content that’s in line with the brand ethos. Most brands work with creatives for product launches, rebrands, campaigns or social media, as well as recipe development and online campaigns. Some of them also work on stop motion and animations.

for creatives for brands

Inspired by technology

A complete solution for collaborations and partnership management

Complete solution

Search among thousands of creatives and filter the most relevant for your brand. Define payment, agreement terms within the marketplace.

Less emails

Message creatives via the platform and monitor real-time performance of your campaigns. Discuss timelines and contract terms.

Track your results

Access the breakdown of your campaign. Track progress throughout the campaign to measure true engagement, total media value, and ROI.

Honest pricing

We only apply a 20% fee for self-service campaigns. You can choose between self-service campaigns and concierge services.

Complete influencer marketing platform

Track campaign projections and measure campaign performance in real-time.

Send proposals and independent campaign briefs to multiple creatives seamlessly.

Browse our database, reply to offers from creatives and negotiate deals directly

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For creatives

Created with creatives in mind

We empower creatives to work with brands they love on their own terms. By enabling users to track their campaigns and projects within one all-inclusive solution, the marketplace encourages long term collaborations and meaningful relationships between brands and creatives.

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Seamlessly updated profile

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to set up your very own profile integrated with your up-to-date accounts including all the data you need, like audience demographics and engagement rate.

Connect multiple accounts

Connect multiple accounts and select the most convenient price tag for your work. Choose from a variety of platforms such as Instagram, your own website, Twitter and many more.

Training and support

Access marketing and business training to grow your brand efficiently and be on top of the latest guidelines and standards. Create a simple yet effective online CV that allows you to stand out.

Nurture relationships

We want you to be able to work on your own terms, this is why you can chat with brands within our platform. You can browse current campaigns, reply to offers from brands and negotiate deals directly.

Get selected

It’s not all about pitching yourself. Thanks to our smart recommendations feature, brands and agencies can contact you with content opportunities, meaning no more irrelevant campaign invites.

Get paid in one step

Under ‘get paid’ change to the following. There is nothing worse than delivering on a job, only to chase for payment. Our integrated payment solution means you will be paid on time, every time.

3-step vetting process
Only the top 10% of applications are accepted

Quality is important to us, so we’ve partnered with an AI-based fraud-detection system, to monitor and maintain the content quality of our creatives. Each Instagram account is also vetted for the quality of followers to ensure our marketplace standards are upheld. Influencers with follower quality below a certain threshold will not be granted access to the marketplace.

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For Brands
The marketplace encourages diversified content creation, development of brand ambassadors, strong engagement rates and social buzz at events.

We work with brands of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to partner with just one creative on a long-term campaign, or with a host of creatives across several projects, the marketplace is the best way to kick start your collaboration, and is the first relationship management tool for the wellness space.

Our marketplace streamlines the whole campaign process so you no longer need to search for influencers across various agencies and different technology platforms.

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Next campaign in a few steps

Select & Hire


Message & Connect

Measure & Track

Measure the impact of your campaigns

View full audience data, analyse relevance, define campaign budgets, predict results or post public campaigns. Track results, measure ROI and monitor payments to influencers – all from one simple-to-use dashboard.

Algorithm predicts results taking into account performance, channel reach and engagement rate.

Media value calculates the worth you receive from content shared by a creative.

Our campaign statistics will provide you with projected ROI for your marketing efforts.


Are you an agency?
Many PR and communications agencies are still using cloud docs, emails and spreadsheets to run influencer campaigns. Manual processes are time-consuming, expensive and complex. They are both an issue in terms of management and lost opportunities, thus making influencer marketing hard to scale. There must be a better way!

Measure and manage campaigns in a consistent and transparent way
Track campaign projections and measure campaign performance in real-time
Send proposals and independent campaign reports to clients seamlessly
Create in-depth client campaign reports instantly with a click of a button

Apply to join the marketplace to forster better relationships

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General FAQs

Our influencers will be vetted by following the benchmarking process devised by the Register of Health and Wellness influencers. We classify a creative as someone with 1,000+ genuine followers on just one of our main platforms: their blog, Instagram or YouTube. Influencers can link a variety of platforms, including also Facebook and Twitter.

We go away and beyond to make sure that they fit all of our benchmarking criteria – including credibility within online content, quality of social engagement, follower growth behaviour and media value (which you’ll be able to calculate for each campaign within your reports dashboard).

Accounts with fake followers are easy to determine from almost no interaction, or social profiles filled with spam. If for any reason a current member is identified as an influencer with fake followers, we’ll remove them from our platform.

Creative Impact Marketplace is a platform powered by Mikz Alliance – the alliance allows different network owners to collaborate and run influencer campaigns at scale, so they can grow their business and grow the industry overall.

You can choose to tap into a smaller network with a dedicated reach (aka Creative Impact) or you can open campaign to over 1.5 million members – however, our vetting and quality standards only apply to the Creative Impact network members, we are therefore not holding the benchmarking standards for Mikz Alliance members at large.

We are very strict on the kind of brands we have on the platform, just as much as we would be with our influencers. Ethics and the products promoted will be vetted, just like we would do with our creatives.

Partners are the agencies and PRs that represent brands, including PR, Media, Advertising or Creative Agencies.

The marketplace is open to influencers from anywhere in the world, however we currently work within the Irish and UK market – and therefore support currencies in both pounds and euro

In the US, UK, Europe and many other parts of the world, you are required by law to disclose a sponsored post. The easiest way to do this is to simply include #ad – which brands should add as a required hashtag for their campaign.

We are not responsible for the way you decide to implement these guidelines in your campaigns – however, we do review the campaigns on our platform, so make sure to follow advertising regulations in order for your campaigns not to be paused. For further guidance, see the platform’s T&Cs.

Each campaign booking is linked to the dedicated chat, so that all campaign participants (influencers, brands and agencies) can discuss all the details inside the system. Each user has INBOX page that contains all the conversations and unread messages counter. It is accessible via dashboard after you login with your credentials. You can see a few examples here.

Creative Impact works on commission – we take 20% commission to any transaction within the Creative Impact network from both influencers and brands.

If you were to work with members of other networks (Mikz Alliance), we’ll only apply a 10% commission. For more information on how influencers should take into account our fees for their pricing, please download the latest version of our pricing guidelines.

Once the campaign is finished, brands are able to leave a rating that will help other users in choosing the best creatives for their campaigns. Influencers can rate Brands/Agencies while the latter can put a rating up for an creative who delivered according to the campaign. User rating is then shown on the profile page. It includes both stars awarded and comments from those who rated them.

You can read more about the use of personal data here. You can find the terms and conditions here. In order to protect the integrity of our marketplace, these are a set of principles we expect our Influencers and brands to abide by. We take our terms and conditions extremely seriously and have the power to suspend an account immediately. If you feel a member has breached our guidelines, please notify us at info@creativeimpact.group

Creatives FAQs

Both creatives and creative agencies has a complete view on earnings made within campaigns. To learn more about payment methods, please head here.

We created our first pricing guidelines in 2018. We update them every year, and they are free to download – remember, we take 20% off every transaction, so that that into account when setting your pricing.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend you start off low, and only raise it if you feel you can. It goes without saying; the higher your fee, the stronger your recognition, content and audience engagement should be. Download the pricing guidelines for free here.

Yes. Like any marketplace, this will happen. But only accept what you feel comfortable.

Not all currencies are supported yet. For creative payments, we support GBP£ and EUR€. If your country has a different currency, it will be assigned to one of these.

The platform is part of Mikz Alliance, and therefore operate within one of the safest frameworks to make sure your content and accounts are safe at all times. More info on that here.

We recommend following a ratio that allows enough genuine posts, as well as sponsored content – let’s be honest, we still feature brands in our social posts, paid or not.

Remember, make sure to follow the standards and code of conduct at all times, and you will not have any problem. We do believe that if you invest an enormous amount of energy into your audience, and provided you’re not greedy, you deserve to be rewarded.

Brands FAQs

No. You’ll only ever get charged when you purchase a post. We don’t hold any funds from your card and it costs you nothing to post a brief, reach our database of creatives and browse their submitted posts. But since we are an “creative first” platform, we ask that you don’t create a campaign unless you genuinely intend on purchasing posts. For more info about how to pay creatives, please read this article.

Some products will be more popular than others, however, our vetting solution allows us to engage with the right brands who have appealing products and messages to our niche. However, do not despair. It may take at least a week for campaigns to receive creative submissions. If after a week you still have no response, we suggest you re-craft your campaign or widen the creative search filters you’ve selected

The creative owns the content, as it’s been generated by them with a payment from a brand to be featured within it. Therefore a brand can share an creative’s post within the platform it appears, but cannot use the content for any advertising (that includes paid ads, newsletters and website).

Brands can choose to only select their favourite creatives, or open it up to the wider community (as well as opening it to external networks). We recommend you setting up your campaign as public to allow wider reach.

We’ll provide all the info you need to click through to their social profiles and assess their suitability. creatives will select a price for their posts, but brands and creatives will be able to negotiate a price within the chat function in our platform.

You’ll have access to a full-scale profile to tap into the creatives. We recommend you to browse the creatives’ social accounts to see what level of engagement they’re achieving. We display a whole host of data including their average engagement, followers demographic and creative rating from previous campaigns. We suggest you spend time in choosing your creatives carefully to ensure they respect a brand’s need for loyalty.

From a brand’s campaign brief, selected creatives create and submit a post with a price attached. If a brand approves it, the creative can then publish direct to their social media and collect payment. If the brand has slight changes to the content or price, they can ‘update the status within the chat and notify the creative, who’ll either re-submit or decline.

Different brands work in different ways. Depending on your product, availability and scale of the campaign, you can arrange to send the samples and negotiate a lower price per post, or offer coupons for people to buy from existing outlets (such as Ocado or Amazon).

You’ll be able to chat to creatives who accepted you invite to your campaign, so no more endless stream of emails! If you are not sure about the best way to optimise your campaign brief, you can always request support by going under ‘services’ and requesting ‘campaign brief creation’ support.

Depending on the situation, there are a few different courses of action. Make sure you look for the key brand guidelines for the post BEFORE it’s published.

Choose carefully and feel free to suggest edits to the creative if you value them, but not the post. In the rare event the post is incorrect, please contact us at info@creativeimpact.group and we’ll rectify the situation. You won’t be charged for posts not published as agreed.

We provide a powerful campaign performance tracking tool where much of the relevant data is automatically fetched and updated regularly.

As a result, those responsible for the campaign, can measure campaign performance both from the quantity perspective (e.g. likes, comments and other interactions), but also qualitative metrics apply (media value and Return on Investment).

Find more info here and read how to add a post to your campaign dashboard.

With our 1.8 version of the platform, you’ll be able to run longer term campaigns through the marketplace. You can select a budget for only one creative and agree on a payment to cover a series of posts (we’ll also be featuring stories) for a set period of time.

Our new calendar view will also allow you to suggest when the posts should go live, and ask for approval before posting. We recommend brands to run ambassador campaigns for 3 months and then maybe re-hire the same creatives depending on the results they can access through analytics during the campaign.

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