How to use Lightroom presets for a consistent Instagram feed

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Are you secretly in awe of aesthetically on point Instagram feeds, beautiful collections of pictures, and incredible cohesiveness every, single snap? You may have seen more and more influencers changing the “look” of their feed, maybe going for a more similar “vibe” – to give you an idea, we recommend having a look at the @hbloggerscom feed.

You may be asking yourself: what is the secret weapon to achieve drool-worthy Instagram photos that look consistent?

Welcome to Adobe Lightroom CC – also known as, the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom (iPhone / Android). Announced in 2017, the app is what most photographers and influencers alike currently use to sync their content across a variety of devices.

The app is included in the subscription-based Adobe creative package and it’s worth – truly – every penny. 

The app is incredibly intuitive and simple to use, and you can upload your photos and get editing in only 10 minutes. However, we have still not cracked how we can get that peach-tinted Insta-look.

Instead of editing each picture individually trying to recreate a consistent feed, Lightroom offers you the chance to use its own presets  (which, in total honesty – are not necessarily that mindblowing) or upload your own.


All you need is the latest update of Lightroom CC desktop and Lightroom mobile, and sign in using your Adobe ID. Once your presets have been installed in Lightroom CC on your desktop (your purchased presets will come with instructions), they can be synced with the Lightroom CC mobile application. Once your presets are installed, make sure that Lightroom CC is synced by clicking on the cloud icon (you can find a video tutorial here)

Credits: Adobe Support

Edit mode in Lightroom CC on desktop provides a comprehensive set of tools for you to enhance your photos, including using pre-loaded or custom presets. Depending on the presets you buy, you’ll receive instructions to upload them accordingly.

Credits: Adobe Support

You can select the Presets from the adjustment menu. You’ll find your Presents hiding from one of the Preset categories — such as Creative, Color, or B&W — give them clear names to know which one is which!

Tap the checkmark to apply the preset.

Now it’s time to make the image yours: if you’d like to make some tweaks to your preset selection, you can then adjust the photo settings in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. For example, by selecting “Light,” you can adjust the exposure, contrast and highlights, shadows and other common photo settings to make any final tweaks to your photo.

Once you are done, all that’s left is to share the photo!


Credits: Adobe Support

Where can I get started to find some great presets for my Lightroom?

I would often resort to head to Etsy to find out presets that can fit with your feed. Different presets will fit different styles, also depending on the look you are trying to go for. Depending on the presets, you’ll be able to find the instructions on how to install the different presets in your Lightroom desktop.

Here are a few that are very much on trend right now:

Coachella mobile presets

Looking for that Coachella vibe all year around? This preset is perfect to recreate that festival look you have been lusting for whilst scrolling your Instagram.

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Tulum Preset

This is much more subtle preset, a single tone Lightroom Mobile Preset in 4 variations. Perfect for outdoor photography, stylized shots and portraits.

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California Presets

These presets will give your photos warm brown tones for everyday pictures, perfect for indoor and outdoor photography.

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