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How To Create Outstanding How-to Videos With Jumprope

How To Create Outstanding How-to Videos With Jumprope

Video content is king, and it will keep being so in 2020, there is no doubt. Over 100 billion how-to videos were watched in 2018.

There is huge potential for video creators to use video as a medium for their content because of how many videos are being consumed on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

When it comes to scouting the top trends that will shape the upcoming year, we decided to go after the pros and chat with our friends at Jumprope.  Jumprope is an app where you can create, discover, and share how-to videos and tutorials.

We caught up with Austen Tosone, beauty content director, to discuss how the app is revolutionising Instagram video and how the overall scene is changing in 2020: “Watching how-to videos is frustrating because they don’t stop and start where you need them to and you don’t know what products you’ll need. The Jumprope app makes it easy for anyone – without any video editing experience – to create a how-to with just their phone. The how-to’s both live in Jumprope in our step-by-step stories format that’s also shoppable.”

It’ can be hard for people with knowledge, passion, tips and tricks to share it in an engaging and useful formation

The app creates horizontal, vertical, square and other videos that you can share to Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more “We also make it easy to export Jumpropes anywhere” shares Tosone “We automatically create all the video formats you need to share to Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more.”

Read on to learn how to implement video for your own strategy and overall content.

Credits: Jumprope

Creators are also realizing that their content needs to be adding value by providing one of three things: education, entertainment, or inspiration.

Why is video so important when it comes to your content?

 Video offers creators a more complete form of storytelling because it provides a moving visual and allows viewers to see products in action. A beautiful flat lay can be pretty, but seeing the products in action allows an audience to see the texture, finish, and the look of a product on someone’s skin. 

For creators who work with brands to create sponsored content, video is often a sought-after medium since there are fewer creators who can make video content and even fewer who can produce a video that looks polished and professional.

Video also requires the most effort as an overall production value, which means creators can charge a higher rate for video content. 

What kind of content attracts your audience best?

The beauty of having to make a choice about where to post content is that posting to one place will often satisfy only a certain type of viewer. Some people are content endlessly tapping through Instagram stories while others prefer more of a long-form experience that is better suited for IGTV or even YouTube.

Creators should be trying to create for all of these different options and see what their audiences respond to.

With an app like Jumprope that generates exports for every platform, eliminating the need for the creator to revisit the video and crop it differently for Instagram or YouTube, there’s no reason not to try out the same piece of content in different places before choosing one area to focus on.

I shared the same video I created on Jumprope to IGTV and to YouTube on my personal feed and the IGTV far outperformed the YouTube video, which I wasn’t expecting. 

How can people create videos that audiences want to take action on?

I believe the easiest way that a creator can encourage action is to at some point in the video say “I want to hear from you.”

Encourage viewers to like the video if they found it useful, subscribe and stick around if they want to see similar content, or point them to a related piece of content that they can watch next.

If you want to take that relationship even further, you can ask questions throughout the video and encourage users to reply to you with their answers or ask them to upload a photo and tag you if they attempt to recreate a look or a recipe you create so you can see how they did it.

What is one way that creators should use video to engage better with their audiences?

Create video content (such as how-to videos) that answers frequently asked questions you get whether they come from family and friends or your social media audience.

If you constantly find people reaching out to you asking how to create easy dinner recipes, create one or two videos about 15-minute meals that you can send to them and anyone who may ask you in the future.

Not only are you answering their question in a format that allows you to make sure you don’t forget any details, but you’re saving yourself time by being able to send them a video that answers their question rather than having to type out all of the instructions every time someone asks you about it. 

Image from rawpixel.com

What are the three top trends you see coming up in 2020 for creators on Instagram?

One is definitely videos timed to music and we can thank TikTok for that.

The second is videos that encourage users to share or save them rather than like or comment. It doesn’t mean that likes and comments aren’t important or helpful to these videos on Instagram, but rather shares and saves carry more weight on Instagram.

Think about helpful tutorials that you’ll want to save and refer back to or a video showcasing outfit ideas for cold weather that you send to a friend to get inspired—these are the types of videos that will have a longer lifespan on Instagram’s algorithm.

Lastly, keep an eye on serial content.

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Instagram’s vertical video feature IGTV now lets you sort your video content into different series and this will help creators with consistency both in terms of specific recurring content and a more concrete upload schedule. 

Why do people love how-to videos so much? 

From a viewer perspective, people love learning new skills and getting better at things they already love and from a creator perspective, people enjoy sharing things that they’re good at with others whether it be a large Instagram audience or with close friends and family. How-to videos are a great way to do this.

Creators are also realising that their content needs to be adding value by providing one of three things: education, entertainment, or inspiration.

Jumprope primarily focuses on the education component and we want to create a library of content where people can look to learn how to do anything. 

What are the three traits successful creators share these days?

The three traits that all of my favorite creators share are that they are consistent, helpful, and authentic.

Audiences like knowing when they can expect to hear from creators so that’s why I chose consistency as a trait of hugely successful creators. The YouTubers that I am most excited to follow are those who post once or twice a week on specific days so on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings I know there will be new content from a creator I’m excited to hear from. 

I love creators who add value for their audiences.

Helpful content doesn’t have to come directly from a super long tutorial, although it can. I also find it helpful to see how people edit photos, share beauty tricks like how to get the perfect winged liner, and when they show the behind-the-scenes of their creative process. 

And finally, I had to mention authenticity.

It is such a buzzy word right now especially in the content creation space, but that’s because it’s important. I think if creators are making content that they’re passionate about they can’t go wrong. Video is such an amazing way to show off your personality and the more comfortable you can appear on camera the more your audience will be excited about what you’re sharing. 

Jumprope empowers anyone to create in their kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and garages to share their passions with their friends and communities. Discover how to do anything from baking a pumpkin pie to creating a Euphoria-inspired makeup look. Your how-to’s don’t just live in Jumprope.


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