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How to find joy in everyday celebrations

How to find joy in everyday celebrations

Hannah Wallace

With the current times we are in and with so many people struggling, the idea of celebrating can feel a bit icky, as we don’t want to be seen to be rubbing it into people’s faces. Yet, the key to everything is perspective and seeking out joy. It matters how we approach things and how we can inspire others to bring some joy into these tough times.

Without joy things can become very flat, so celebrating each other and with each other is the perfect way to elevate things.

Joy is an emotion that, when we access it within ourselves, will really shift us and illuminate a murky space for when we are feeling low.

We won’t be feeling joy all the time but it’s an important feeling to tap into regularly.
It can really change the space we are and can be game-changing. It gives us something to work from by seeing that what we’ve been doing has paid off.

In times like these, we all need a confidence boost. What better than to celebrate our achievements and others achievements? Slowing down will allow us to see how far we’ve come and the journey we have been on.

We need these stop points to celebrate so we can feel the joy around us. The great thing is that when we celebrate another, even though it’s not about ourselves, the energy is contagious. It changes up our vibe – which may sound a bit woo woo, but the fact is when we tap into something continuously it really does shift us.

What about when you’re feeling low or you’ve been struggling?

The idea of celebrating can feel difficult, so begin with yourself and the things you can celebrate – though I often find personally that celebrating another helps shift me when I can’t feel that about myself. It helps lift me out of that space and inspires me to see what I can aim for and do.

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Inspiration is what we need right now, it keeps things moving and gives you something to aim for or even just dream about. We all need a dream, no matter how small or big, and the great thing about dreaming is we can tailor it exactly as we want it and that really is the key.

Have something cooking

Once we plant that seed from the dream we open up potential which shifts the place we are in. I find that having something cooking away feels good, even when no one can see it.
Remember this when you are celebrating achievements: it started with a dream and a seed that got planted, no matter what size the outcome is. Thinking about this alone makes you see how magical that is and is worth celebrating in itself. So here’s to celebrating all things no matter how big or small.

This article first appeared in Creative Impact November Digital Magazine.

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