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How to Champion Sustainability on Social Media with Jess Rigg

How to Champion Sustainability on Social Media with Jess Rigg

Jess Rigg is a blogger, podcast host, and environmentalist and she has been passionate about sustainability since the ‘Save the Turtles’ campaign against plastic straws and bags. “It opened my eyes to the climate crisis and since I’ve learnt about and adopted a lot more sustainable and ethical principles. Mainly in areas such as my diet and wardrobe.”

Her passion has seen her grow her online social media presence and also win the Creative Impact Best Sustainability Creative 2020. We cannot talk about creatives without mentioning social media, something that Jess believes is “an amazing tool, especially with reaching younger people”.

“For me, it’s all about creating a community where we can get tips, advice, and lean on each other when eco-anxiety or guilt takes over. I think that Instagram especially is fab for getting the eco-message out there.”

“It’s helped to strengthen my own beliefs and values and shown me how deeply I care.”

The most important thing, at the end of the day with social media, is to “just be honest and authentic and share what you care about!”

Jess’s Eco Message

And getting her eco-message out there is something Jess does with ease through her top tips and round-up posts. She admits they take a lot of time, “but every positive comment or message saying that someone has learnt something or made a lifestyle change due to the post makes it worth it!”

She hopes to use her space to educate her followers around becoming more eco-friendly and making better decisions. To start with 3 things we could all do today to help live more sustainably, Jess recommends “have a couple of meat-free days a week and (if safe to do so) use public transport more often.”

But she is also not seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses, she appreciates there are huge roadblocks in society, especially regarding ethical fashion and low-impact living in general. Time, or lack of it, is certainly an issue for a lot of people.

“Not a lot of people have the option to research certain areas or brands, and with things like zero-waste shopping it’s not always feasible to go to 3 or 4 different shops to get what you need; people have to work and look after kids, etc.”

Barriers to ethical fashion

And when it comes to ethical fashion, cost and size accessibility are often the biggest barriers, which Jess hopes will change soon.

See Also

Alongside her social media presence to talk about such issues, Jess also has a podcast called Ethical Conversations Podcast to discuss all things sustainable, eco, and ethical livings.

She has already hosted some amazing and inspirational conversations such as her personal favourite with Melissa Watt about greenwashing. “Mel is an amazing sustainable fashion journalist and writer and I love chatting to her about ethical fashion.”

When we asked Jess about the future of the podcast, she told us that her dream guest would be Aja Barber, she’s someone who she greatly respects and she loves her Patreon podcast.

You can find out more about Jess Rigg and her sustainable mission via her social media platforms where she’s @jessrigg_ and see why she won the Best Sustainability Blog 2020! Check out her podcast here, too.


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