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Introduction to Reiki and Practice

Introduction to Reiki and Practice

Sushma Sagar

Spirituality, healing and energy are just three things that come to mind with Reiki healing. So what exactly is the practice? How and who can it help?

We discover the basics of Reiki healing with expert and healer Sushma: “Reiki is a natural healing method that works through the channelling of energy from the universe into the body.” shares Sagar “The idea being, that this energy will help us to release any heavy vibrations ( usually in the form of emotions such as stress, grief, upset etc)  that are clogging up our flow to leave us feeling lighter, brighter and happier.”

Sushma Sagar is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner and the founder healing brand The Calmery.

As a former global fashion brand director, she successfully juggled a healing life and a corporate life for many years and used energy healing as an antidote to workplace and life stress. 

She believes passionately in the transformative power of energy healing and is now on a mission to demystify the practice and encourage everyone to try it. Sushma features and contributes regularly in the national press, she also hosts teaching sessions, events and workshops in the UK and internationally. Her private clinic is based in Harley Street, London.

What can Reiki help with?

It can help on several different levels: for example, it can speed up any recovery that may be needed in the physical body if we are sick. The practice can support us in our minds and emotions that we may feel stronger to cope with life. It can comfort us spiritually by giving us a feeling of oneness or connectedness when we feel alone.

Everyone can benefit from Reiki because we are all beings made of energy.  You don’t have to believe in it for it to work, thank goodness!

Can reiki also impact your mental wellbeing?

Connecting with a flow of universal energy is unbelievably comforting. It’s a bit like having a best friend, parent, counsellor or therapist all rolled into one. Receiving healing puts our body and minds into a very relaxed state, which makes us feel calm and peaceful. You feel held and supported which can have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing. Your mental wellbeing is precious – read more about how to look after your mental health

How did you get into Reiki healing?

I was suffering from intense grief and it was in seeking help with this emotional stress, that I stumbled upon an acupuncturist who was also a reiki master. She invited me to train with her, so I sort of fell into it, or perhaps it found me I don’t know.

Are there individuals or brands that have inspired your reiki journey?

Every teacher I’ve trained with has inspired me to do more work and healing on myself. I’m so grateful for all of them and they reside in my heart,  in particular, Richard Ellis & Sue Johnson who were my first teachers and mentors without whom I would not have learned my original craft. Ruby Warrington and her network of super-cool witches who showed me that it’s possible to like fashion and healing at the same time!  The Chelsea Shaman who helped me through some difficult times and put me on a shamanic path. She’s Lost Control is one of the original soul-seeker brands, they gave me some of my first opportunities to heal at events and they continue to innovate and inspire me.

What are the 3 things we should look out for in a good reiki healer?

It’s a very personal thing. All healers have their own style and sometimes you just have to try someone out to know, a bit like choosing a hairdresser or masseur. However, what you can do is check that they have a lineage that traces back to the original founder of reiki Dr Usui.

See if you can have a quick chat and consider if you feel comfortable with them, do they make you feel safe in their hands, use your intuition on this. Above all, check out reviews, look for a personal recommendation from someone you trust if you can.

How do you think perceptions around alternative healing have changed?

The idea that we are holistic beings is less controversial than it was in 2002 when I first learnt. For a start, we now say  ‘complementary therapies”  because they are a complement to western medicine that only deals with one part of the whole. There have been so many clinical studies that have proven the positive effects of reiki, that you can now find it on the NHS in several hospitals in the UK, which certainly has an effect on the overall attitudes towards the modality.

What can one expect from their first Reiki session?

Everyone’s experience is going to be unique to them, there is no ‘right’ way to experience it. You will lie fully clothed on a bed, whilst a practitioner will place hands above or on you in various positions.

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Most people will feel sensations such as heat or tingles in their body. Some people may feel emotional as they release “stuff”  and others may feel so relaxed they go to sleep.

For the most part, it’s usually a very pleasant experience and you will emerge feeling like you had a lovely refreshing nap, even though you were aware of everything that happened.

What are three takeaway facts about reiki that fascinate you?

Reiki is actually a form of energy healing and healing with energy is one of the oldest forms of medicine that exists; It predates any western medicine and it’s believed by many that Jesus was a master energy healer.

The body cannot lie, your energy field will reveal the truth about how you are and there is nothing you can do to hide it!

I absolutely love the fact that Reiki can be learnt by anyone, it’s something that we can all do when we are shown how. To me, the knowledge that we can heal ourselves is one of the most fascinating parts of the whole thing.

For information about The Calmery and to follow Sushma on social media, check out the website and Instagram accounts. Sign up to The Calmery Community for free here, too.

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