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Instagram Adds New Listings in Following Tab

Instagram Adds New Listings in Following Tab

The platform has rolled out two new category listings which will enable you to see which accounts get the most visibility in your feed, and which you rarely engage with.

The fact that Instagram is adding new listings in following tab is great news for creatives and brands looking to make the most of interactions on the platform.

The listing of those you don’t engage with essentially recommends people who you should unfollow, while the most present list will give users more control over their algorithm-defined feed. If you don’t like any of the accounts you see, you can remove them, or unfollow them as well. 

Credits: Instagram on Twitter
Pro tip:

You can also sort accounts from earliest to latest followed. Who was your first follow? How many inactive followers do you have?

Follower curation over mass following

This is such a big step for Instagram, as it promotes follower curation, as opposed to prompting users to follow as many people as possible in order to maximize engagement.

Overall, people have become more selective on the platform, and more aware of how the accounts they choose to follow will impact on their experience.

A shift towards quality

The shift away from content volume, and towards relevance, is actually part of what’s fueled Instagram’s rise and seen it become the fastest-growing social platform, now with over a billion active users.

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The initial social media impetus to ‘add everyone’ has in some ways hurt accounts like Facebook, but with people beginning afresh on Instagram, they can curate their feeds more diligently, and ensure that their content stream is populated with updates they find entertaining — as opposed to just approving everyone and anyone.

I always recommend adding followers clean up as part of a comprehensive Instagram audit. Did you know we have a free class that takes you through the key steps to running one?

Making time to reach the right people who want to hear from you is a game-changer for the platform and your own strategy.


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