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The power of having an inner hype man

The power of having an inner hype man

Charlotte Willis

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to do list” – Michelle Obama

How often do you give yourself credit and thanks for what you do? Whether it be professionally or, more importantly, personally, when was the last time you told yourself you did a great job, or showed yourself some gratitude?

If your answers to the aforementioned were anything other than just last week or just the other day, we’ve got some work to do dear reader.

An important part of self-care is the reflection, rumination and recognition of your achievements, positive moves, brilliant qualities and personal triumphs. Yet, most of us are swift to sweep our accolades away in favour of wanting to seem humble or unassuming. I like to think that giving yourself credit and appreciation for your achievements, big or small, is akin to channelling your inner Hype Man. When you’ve accomplished something worthy of a self-five and an internal (or external) celebration of your brilliance, your inner Hype Man is channelled onto the main stage of your life, and comes out to give you a boost of energy alongside some much-deserved praise.

What is a Hype Man?

For those of you who don’t know what a Hype Man is, they’re typically an individual who supports the main artist on stage at a gig, whose sole job it is to get the crowd excited (hyped) and to big-up the main act. A Hype Man is a support system, and makes sure that everyone in the room understands that the main act is kind of a big deal. From the main stage to your inner cognitions, here’s how to channel your inner Hype Man in your everyday life.

Be strict with yourself at first and schedule a self-check-in every week, perhaps on a lazy Sunday afternoon or during some free-thinking space, such as during a morning run. Use this time to fully and wholeheartedly reflect on your achievements over the past week. These can be as big as acing your interview and being offered a new role, as small as waking up on time every morning this week (equally as impressive), or personal achievements such as ending a toxic relationship, choosing to prioritise yourself over a social event, or absolutely bossing it up in the kitchen last Taco Tuesday.

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Give yourself praise

As you give yourself praise, allow yourself to fully appreciate, and fully feel, your own brilliance. This may take the form of a smile on your face, a sense of inner joy or a positive rush of endorphins around your body. Take a few moments to affirm to yourself how unique, creative and wonderful you are. If you like, you can make a note of these feelings of self-warmth for later reflection at times when you need a boost.

With practice, you’ll begin to get comfortable with praising yourself, and channelling your inner Hype Man will become effortless and frequent. So, next time you do something wonderful for yourself, take the time to contemplate your positive move and give yourself some praise. Celebrating your little moments of genius every day will bring a little more joy, self-compassion and self-love into your consciousness.

Take a look at  Charlotte’s other work here, this piece first appeared in the Creative Impact November Digital Magazine.

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