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How Trusting My Gut Helped Me Follow My Passion, with Yasmin Karimi

How Trusting My Gut Helped Me Follow My Passion, with Yasmin Karimi

With gut health at the forefront of the health and wellness scene, we are proud to be working with Biomed to celebrate the launch of their digestive support supplement and to discover what it means to truly trust your gut. This is the third of three inspiring stories from people who have turned their dream into a reality thanks to trusting that all important gut instinct. 

For more information about Biomed and their story, see their website or find them on Instagram.


Yasmin Karimi is a two-time graduate, former lawyer, acclaimed makeup artist, television personality and founder of an established beauty brand and concierge service. In 2012 Yasmin launched ‘The Beauty Concierge’ through which she has set up her pop up salons at some of the highest profile and big budget destination weddings of recent times.

After two successful business ventures under her belt Yasmin found the courage to become a full time entrepreneur. Soon after the eponymous ‘Yasmin Karimi’ was established, a luxury hair care brand formulated to effectively treat specific hair and skincare requirements treating conditions like acne, eczema and hair loss. Her products have been featured in Vogue, Tatler, Glamour, Brides, GQ, Hello, Sunday Times along with many more.

In December 2014, Yasmin was offered to star in Sky’s reality TV show ‘Desi Rascals’. The show saw a boost in Yasmin’s online presence prompting her to launch a YouTube channel with videos already totalling over one million views.

You can find out more about Yasmin on her website | Instagram | YouTube | LinkedIn | Email

Tell us about a situation in which you had to ‘trust your guts’. What was the challenge or decision?

Such an instance was when I was in my second year of business, I was adamant to have investors on board as I was in the mindset that without investors, my business would not be as successful. After having spoken to several potential investors, one was forthcoming. Although this gave me the confidence, my intuition made me feel uneasy. Deep down I realised this wasn’t for me. This allowed me to progress on my business independently. I came to a realisation that I did not need any investor to make my dreams into a reality.

What was the outcome?

The outcome changed my life because I followed my own dreams, produced my own product line, which is not in collaboration or partnership with anyone else. Two years on, I can proudly say that I have spent every moment formulating my products with extreme passion by myself. My passion and belief lies within natural and herbal medicine. To me, it is equally important to nourish the body with nutrients whilst taking care of the body externally using natural and herbal remedies.

Yasmin Karimi Christmas Collection
How has this changed your life?

With hard work, determination and ambition, I was able to make three times more than what I initially required as my investment. This, I did not even feel was achievable initially. However, as strange as this may seem, I believed that in achieving my dreams, I required my physical and mental strength to turn the impossible into possible. I firmly believe in the law of attraction. I believe that whatever you envision becomes your reality, along with your intuition, prayers, and inner-trust. Trust your instinct. Intuition doesn’t lie!

However, my journey wasn’t all positive. Endless hours working, erratic sleep patterns and poor quality food resulted in extreme anxiety, panic attacks, reduced energy and mood, and weight fluctuations. Even though I was living my dream, my health did not correlate with this success.

Do you think gut health plays a role in our overall health and happiness?

Gut health most definitely has a link to overall health and happiness. I realised this because as I was living my dream, I still felt continuously sad despite no trigger.

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I learnt the importance of gut health and nutrition after visiting my nutritionist.  I was made aware that my stress levels had an impact on my nutritional status resulting in several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A compromised gut also hindered the production of serotonin- the happy hormone. This became a sense of realisation. I needed to change my lifestyle and diet.

How do you ensure you keep your gut healthy and happy day to day?

My nutritionist has recommend that I have lots of fibre in my diet, keep hydrated, exercise regularly and keep fit. I also like to incorporate chia and flaxseeds to support gut motility. And finally, probiotic rich foods are really important to me such as live yoghurt. I also supplemented with a potent probiotic called Biomed Digestive Support supplement with live cultures, curcuminoids and ginger. This overall had a great impact on my digestive health.

What’s your go to stress-buster when feeling overwhelmed?

My go to stress busters include meditation and yoga. I also enjoy reading light books such as crystal healing. I have a passion for listening to motivational speakers that inspire me. I also like to take Epsom salt baths as they help me to relax especially after a work out. The latest stress buster that has worked wonders for me has been Intramuscular injections with an array of vitamins and minerals by Vitagold Nutrition.

What advice would you give someone facing a tough decision?

The advice I would give is to think with all your options. To gain advice is also vital, and never fail to seek knowledge. Continue to grow and learn as there may be forthcoming options to allow your circumstances and challenges to become easier. Sometimes the simplest thing to do is to take a step back and observe the situation from the outside.

Head to the Biomed website to pick up your own gut-boosting supplements and learn more about Yasmin on her Instagram.

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