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How to Support Black Businesses and Creators

How to Support Black Businesses and Creators

Fab Giovanetti

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As well as wanting to raise awareness on diversity within wellness during Black History Month, we are always striving to encourage new ways to consciously amplify Black voices from our community, and having people sharing their own stories and passions is part of our core values. When asking our cover star for October 2020 Ianthe Mellors about ways to celebrate Black History Month, she gave us an incredibly insightful and powerful answer.

Everything I’ve learnt about my heritage and Black history I’ve taught myself. There are so many incredible black people that contributed to English history but they were omitted from the curriculum. It’s great to have a Month focusing on Black History. But what happens all the other 11 Months of the year?

She continues: “I was given the task of suggesting three ways to celebrate Black History Month but, to me, every day is Black history day as I am always proud of my heritage so it’s omnipresent in everything I do.”

As well as sharing powerful stories of Black businesses and creators on social media, in this article, we’re eager to share with you our favourite finds from talented Black artisans who are part of our partners within the Etsy community. Discover products that highlight the rich heritage and shine a light on emerging talent from around the world.

Five great products from Black businesses

Earthy, minimalist and contemporary. This terracotta plate has been crafted by hand from start to finish. Each dish is moulded with clay, sanded and individually painted with the standout line art face – perfect final touch to your home decor.

Check it out here

Fantastic face masks with beautiful colours and patterns. Each side is unique to you, and a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Check it out here

Liz is a British print and textile designer who specialises in home & fashion. She started to design art prints after she struggled to find anything that suited her own personal style, so most of the prints that she sells in her store, she actually designed for her own home. This minimalistic art print is a statement piece that is perfect for any home or office.

Check it out here

This African Print drum lampshade makes a unique statement to any room. It can be used for table lamps, floor lamps as well as ceiling pendants. The lampshades can give any room a new lease of life, or tie together an existing colour palette in your living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway.

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Check it out here

We could all do with a little bit of extra help when it comes to this mindfulness thing – these cards to do just that. Each pack contains 3 different A6 sized cards that feature quotes that have been personally worded by the author. From your journal to your wall decor (or a gift to a friend) you can use them as a great daily reminder.

Check it out here

How will you celebrate Black History Month? How will you create habits you can sustain going forward? To quote Ianthe once more:

“Every day I’m going to celebrate black cultures the best way I know how- through the arts and especially movement! I encourage you to join me and watch films, listen to music and dance and learn the history and culture behind these artforms. Learn about the black people that has created the work and who and what has inspired them.”


Continue to support black businesses and have a look at our other articles.

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